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Exterior House Cleaning, House Wash, Soft Washing, Roof Cleaning & Cleaning Walls, Render & Painted Surfaces in Maidstone, Kent & London

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Gleam Team are professional exterior cleaners based in Maidstone and operating across Kent, London and the south east. We offer a comprehensive range of services for house and building exteriors which include low pressure soft washing for cleaning walls, render, brick and painted surfaces, roof cleaning and house wash.

We are able to remove staining on external surfaces such as limescale and hard water staining from overflows, black and green algae, dirt and traffic pollution.

Soft Washing Services in Kent and London

Softwashing is a highly effective low pressure cleaning solution for outdoor areas and house and building exteriors where high pressure power washing may cause damage or where water penetration to walls could  lead to efflorescence.

Soft washing avoids the risk of blasting walls with high pressure water by applying professional exterior cleaning products at low pressure and allowing the chemicals to do the cleaning together with gently  agitating the surface with long reach water fed poles. After allowing the product time to soak in, it is rinsed clean with fresh water and the cleaning process is repeated.

It is a gentle but extremely effective method of cleaning and stain removal from building and house exterior areas, roofs, walls, render, brick, masonry, cladding, timber and metal. It is perfect for any fragile surface that could be damaged by pressure washing and is also ideal for Indian Sandstone patio cleaning which is a delicate layered surface and should not be subjected to high pressure water.

Why Soft Washing Is Safer For Cleaning Building & House Exterior Surfaces

Professional exterior cleaners know the dangers associated with blasting some building materials with water at high pressure. It can destroy or damge mortar, bricks, masonry and layered surfaces such as Indian Sandstone.


Efflorescence is the appearance of white staining on cement based building materials such as bricks and paving.

It is a naturally occurring process caused by water mixing with the cement and causing soluble salts to rise to the surface of the building material. It is often found on brick walls and block paving and although harmless it does affect the appearance.

Pressure washing can easily penetrate porous surfaces and dislodge mortar, allowing water to enter the structure and result in heavy efflorescence staining and large white salt patches covering a brick wall or other surface.

It can appear in as little as 24 hours and is very frustrating for home and business owners. It should with natural weathering disappear over time but we believe it should be avoided in the first place with safe, appropriate cleaning methods and materials.

Other Gleam Team exterior cleaning services in Maidstone, Kent and London include driveway and patio cleaning and block paving cleaning, resanding and sealing.

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