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Expert and affordable patio  and driveway cleaning and sealing , and block paving cleaning,re-sanding & sealing covering Tonbridge,Tunbridge Wells & Sevenoaks

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We are West Kent’s leading patio and driveway cleaners providing the highest standards in pressure cleaning driveways,patios,block paving,paths,decking and other hard surfaces throughout Tonbridge,Sevenoaks,Paddock Wood,Kings Hill and Tunbridge Wells. We are able to clean any type of surface such as Pattern Imprinted Concrete , Stamped / Decorative Concrete , Indian Sandstone , Limestone , Concrete and Clay Block Paving , Tarmac , York Stone and Natural Stone.

For more delicate surfaces like layered Indian Sandstone we are able to clean them using low pressure soft washing for safe and effective driveway and patio cleaning.

Gleam Team Cleaning Services are based in Maidstone and operate across Kent in Gravesend and Dartford , Strood ,  Medway , Sittingbourne , Sheerness , Ashford and Canterbury and the West Kent area. We are experienced professionals and use only the best , most powerful commercial pressure washers ensuring we are quality block paving,patio and driveway cleaners.

Stain Removal From Driveways,Patios & Paving

With a combination of the best equipment,best cleaning products and experience we are usually able to remove stains caused by:

  • Oil and petrol
  • Rust
  • Paint
  • Cement
  • Gum
  • Red wine and orange juice
  • Overhanging berries and fruit
  • Lichens,algae,moss and all biological growths

However,no honest driveway and patio cleaners can give absolute guarantees and oil stains and black lichens are the most difficult to remove completely. For example,oil stains are affected by a number of factors such as amount of oil , how old is the stain , how deeply has it penetrated , was it fresh oil from the bottle or dirty engine oil and even the quality of oil has a bearing with better oil being harder to clear. Generally speaking the older the stain,the more time it has had to penetrate and therefore is a tougher proposition. Having said that,it may still be possible to remove old oil stains and at the very least high pressure cleaning and the best oil removing products will always reduce the staining.

Lichens & Biological Growths

After cleaning your driveway,patio or block paving we can treat it with a long term biocidal wash providing a residual protection against the regrowth of lichens,moss,algae and all biological growth. It continue killing any spores that land on the surface for the next 12 months.

Lichens are the creamy white and black circular spots that are often found in all types of outdoor surfaces. They are a living organism that penetrates the surface and takes root and the black lichen can prove very difficult to remove. In severe cases they may need to be treated with a specialist sodium hypochlorite based outdoor cleaning product. This is applied 24 to 48 hours prior to the patio or driveway cleaning.


Block Paving Cleaning,Re-Sand & Sealer in Tonbridge

We offer the best value for money block paving cleaning,re-sanding and sealing service available in Tonbridge,Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone.

After pressure cleaning we re-fill all joints with kiln dried sand and stabilise (harden) the sand using Resiblock Trade Sealer. If the sand is not stabilised it will simply wash out after the next heavy rainfall and it is necessary to maintain the strength of the paving. It does this by causing friction and spreads the weight of vehicles over the whole surface area. Paving sealer also helps provide a protective barrier over the blocks helping to inhibit weeds and prevent staining. The sealant we use is a one coat system and dries clear having no effect on appearance. However,if desired a matt or gloss effect can be achieved resulting in a damp look or wet look respectively. They are also more expensive and so will inevitably increase the cost.

Cost of block paving cleaning,re-sanding with kiln dried sand and one coat of Resiblock Trade Sealer

ONLY £5 per square metre

We provide a comprehensive range of exterior cleaning services in London and across Kent including low pressure soft washing , building cleaning , driveway and patio cleaning and decking cleaning and staining.

Our driveway,block paving and patio cleaning is available in Maidstone , Medway , Gravesend , Dartford , Sittingbourne , Sheerness , Ashford , Canterbury and London.

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