What is the best way to clean a roof ? Pressure washing or Soft washing

Before & After Soft Wash

How to clean a roof safely and effectively

There is a great deal of discussion online on the best way to clean roof tiles that is effective and will NOT damage your roof. Gleam Team Cleaning Services are professional exterior cleaners specialising in roof moss removal and soft washing roofs in Kent, London and the south east including Surrey and Sussex.

This article relates to our experience of removing moss, algae and dirt from tiled roofs combined with other expert sources. A professionally cleaned roof can dramatically improve the appearance of a house or commercial building by restoring it to its natural colour. Customers, their neighbours and even passers by often remark that it looks like a new roof.

Roof after soft wash cleaning

If left untreated roofs can aquire a thick carpet of moss, algae, lichen spots and dirt making a roof look old and unkept. What looks like dirt is very often actually black algae staining that has colonise