Block Paving Maintenance Guide

How To Keep Block Paving Free of Weeds, Algae and Black Lichen Spots After Refurbishment

Block paving before and after refurbishment

All block paving driveways, patios, paths and other outdoor areas require some summer and winter maintenance to keep them weed-free and prevent colonisation by algae and black and white lichen spots.

Professional cleaning and refurbishment of block pavers is the first step to making your drive or patio look fantastic and transforming the look of your house and garden, but it will still need occasional maintenance. Fortunately though it is quick, easy and simple and with only a minimal amount of effort your paving will stay looking good for years to come.

How to clean and renovate block paving

Our professional paving cleaning service for driveways, patios, paths and parking areas in Kent and London includes:

  • treatment with specialist cleaning products to kill weeds, algae, lichen and moss
  • jet washing with commercial grade pressure washing equipment
  • removal of all weeds, algae and other biological staining / spots, dirt and other stains
  • re-sanding joints with fresh kiln dried jointing sand
  • applying good quality sealer to stabilise sand joints, inhibit weed growth and protect the blocks

After your drive or patio has been professionally cleaned and renovated it is important that dirt is not allowed to accumulate and build up on paver joints or surface area.

Paving sealer will help prevent weeds and lichens and also acts as a dustproofer to facilitate easier cleaning. But if the paving is neglected and dirt builds up then shallow rooted weeds will start to grow into the surface dirt. It should be noted that weeds grow into and not up through paving and joints. Very few weeds are capable of penetrating block pavers with Japanese Knotweed being the notable exception. Common garden weeds grow into dirt and weak sand joints that have not been sealed.

How can you maintain pavers & keep them weed free?

The good news is there are only 2 key things you need to do as part of your block paving maintenance to keep the weeds at bay:

  • Regularly sweep your driveway or patio with a broom
  • Wash it down with soapy water or other detergent or fungicidal wash

You could also:

  • apply a long lasting residual weedkiller, some of which provide a barrier against weeds for several months. This link to the Royal Horticultural Society gives more detailed information on weedkillers and their use

Fungicidal wash for block paving maintenance

These are specially formulated products designed to prevent weeds and colonisation by other biological spores such as lichen, algae and moss. They can be bought online or from DIY stores such as B&Q, Screwfix and Wickes. Jeyes liquid is another option you could use and sold in most supermarkets and other shops.

Alternatively you can wash the paving down with a household detergent by simply mixing with water in a bucker or bowl and pouring it out or apply from a watering can or pump sprayer. A fungicide will be more effective but soapy water will still help. Brushing the pavers with a broom after applying the solution will help clean the blocks but is not essential.

Always follow the instructions on product labels and always thoroughly rinse the paving with lots of clean water. Take care not to allow concentrated run-off to flow onto lawns or flowerbeds. To protect plants and lawns pre-soak them with a garden hose and wet them again after washing the paving to ensure the product you used will be too dil