Decking Renovation – How To Restore A Wooden Deck

What is the best treatment to restore and revive a grey, weathered garden deck? Decking oil, stain or paint? Decking renovation and restoration services in Kent

Freshly restored and stained deck

Maidstone Gleam Team are exterior cleaning specialists and we are able to provide professional deckng renovation in Kent. Our deck renovation and restoration service includes:

  • decking cleaning
  • use of a decking cleaner to remove algae and moss
  • stripping of old deck stain, paint or oil
  • wood preserver treatment that soaks into the deck to nourish and protect, and add new stain on top for a fresh new colour
  • sanding if necessary of any splinters or to assist removal of old paint / stain
  • apply new coats of oil, stain or paint in the colour of your choice
  • advise on the best treatment for your deck to give you the final finish and appearance you would like
  • how to keep your garden deck looking good and lasting longer

Over time untreated wooden decking suffers the effects of weathering and constant exposure to UV sunlight which is what causes it to turn grey and tired looking. It has to withstand heavy rainfall, snow, freezing conditions and constant exposure to the sun. It can also become colonised by green algae, mould and mildew which needs to be removed as part of any decking renovation and restoration project.

Use of a deck cleaner and reviver, also sometimes called restorer, can greatly improve the appearance of greying wood deck. It also removes mould and algae and has a brightening effect on wood and returning it to its natural appearance. It is also an ideal pre-treatment before applying oil or stain because it opens the pores of the wood meaning the deck can absorb more of the oil or stain.

Decking restorer can certainly breathe new life back into grey, weathered boards but results can be mixed and it comes with no guarantees about the outcome. This is because it depends how old and weathered the deck boards are so it’s impossible to predict how they will look. You may also not like their natural appearance. For this reason it makes sense to follow a deck restorer product with a coloured oil or stain. Once a deck has been renovated and restored and looks how you want it to look, an annual application of a good quality decking restorer can help maintain its appearance.

Does old deck stain or paint need stripping first?

If you want to add new layers of stain to an already stained deck then YES, the old coats do need to be stripped first to ensure the new stain is fully absorbed. Contrary to some of the marketing claims made by decking stripper manufacturers, old coats of stain don’t always come away as easily as they say. Multiple coats of paint or stain may need more than 1 treatment with decking stripper before fully removing it all. But it certainly can be done if you know what you’re doing with decking renoavtion, as we do at Gleam Team Cleaning Services.

Deck in the process of being stripped of old stain

Once the old coats of stain have been removed the deck should now be treated with a decking preserver to help protect the wood against algae, mould, mo