Driveway and Patio Cleaning and Sealing in Kent

Give your garden a spring clean with our drive and patio cleaning & restoration services

We provide professional and affordable driveway and patio cleaning and sealing in Kent. We can transform patios and make your garden a place to enjoy with the family once again.

Is your patio heavily stained with black and green algae, lichen (black spots), dirt and other staining?

Gleam Team specialise in restoring Indian Sandstone and other paving and bringing back the beauty to stone patios. Our soft washing and pressure washing services can clean any driveway, patio, paths, decking, swimming pool surrounds and other hard surfaces including:

  • Indian Sandstone
  • limestone
  • York stone
  • block paving
  • pattern imprinted concrete
  • resin bound
  • paving slabs
  • concrete

How we clean patios in Kent

We would normally clean patios and driveways using our commercial grade professional pressure washers to thoroughly clean away dirt and most types of staining. However, for some biological growths like black lichen spots we would also use specialist cleaning products designed to remove black spots. Lichens come in many colours and varieties but in the UK the types typically found in paving are white and black circular spots. They are a combination of algae and fungi living together in a symbiotic relationship (mutually beneficial).

Black spots are notoriously difficult to remove because they embed themselves into the surface of driveways and patios, and water pressure alone is not sufficient to remove them. However, the specialised cleaning products we use can safely and effectively clean away lichens, algae, mildew, moss and all other biological growths for stunning, immediate cleaning results. This link provides more detailed information on lichen.

Patio soft washing

For patios with weak mortar joints or fragile surfaces such as Indian Sandstone we also offer a soft wash cleaning service to protect your patio from high pressure water.

We also offer a low cost repointing service if your jointing mortar is in need of replacement.

Patio Sealing Kent

Our patio sealing service in Kent helps protect your patio and has many benefits such as:

  • prevents staining by repelling oil, petrol, BBQ fats and food and drink spillages
  • prevents fading caused by UV sunlight
  • facilitates easier future cleaning by acting as a dustproofer
  • protects against colonisation by algae, moss and mildew
  • enhances colour
  • helps maintain appearance of paving
  • stabilises jointing sand in block paving and stops loss of sand
  • helps protect against the effects of weathering

There are many types of paving sealers on the market designed for all paving materials such as natural stone, block paving and imprinted or decorative concrete – PIC. Most sealants have no effect on the appearance of patios although colour enhancers are available for stone and black limestone.

Patio cleaning and sealing prices in Kent and London only £6 per square metre

This includes cost of cleaning products and sealing with 2 coats of Everbuild Patio Sealer. However, we are only too happy to use other sealers and discuss with you and advise on their relative merits and costs.

Block paving & driveway cleaning and sealing Kent

We offer a fantastic value driveway cleaning and sealing service in Kent and will pressure wash, add jointing sand and seal block paving for only £6 per square metre. Block paving is sealed using Resiblock paving sealer.

It is important to re-sand paving joints as the sand creates interlock between the blocks and gives the structure its strength. It also helps spread the weight of vehicles across the surface preventing blocks from becoming loose or damaged by the weight of cars parked on and driving over your driveway.

Sealing block paving then stabilises or hardens the sand to stop it being being washed away by rain and weathering.

Our driveway and patio cleaning and sealing services are available throughout Kent and south London including in Maidstone, Chatham, Gillingham, Strood, Gravesend, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Ashford, Sittingbourne, Bexleyheath and Orpington.

Call on 07581 681994 or email using the Contact form for a free quote or further information.

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