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Driveway Cleaning & Patio Cleaning Gillingham, Chatham & Rochester

Professional block paving cleaning, resanding and sealing & pressure washing services in Kent

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Block paving before & after clean, joint resanding & sealed

We offer block paving, patio and driveway cleaning in Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester and surrounding areas.

Our professional jet washing service and power washing can clean all types of drive and patio including block paving, Indian Sandstone, limestone, pattern imprinted concrete and paving slabs.

If reuired we also offer optional sealing for drives, patios and block paving, and can repair sunken blocks and repoint patio joints.

Pressure washing services in Medway

Using professional pressure washing equipment generating 4000psi we can effectively clean and restore your patio, drive and paving. With the best equipment, cleaning products and know-how we can remove dirt, mud, lichen spots, mould, mildew, algae, oil stains and other types of staining.

Our pressure washing service is suitable for all exterior hard surfaces including pavements, paths, concrete and decking. For more delicate and fragile surfaces we use low pressure softwashing. This is particularly appropriate for Indian Sandstone as it is a layered stone and high pressure water can blast off layers and weaken it.

Indian Sandstone patio before and after cleaning

Block paving driveway cleaning, resanding & sealing in Gillingham, Chatham & Rochester

Our block paving cleaning and restoration can transform your driveway and restore it to its former glory and includes:

  • pressure washing driveway
  • resanding joints with kiln dried sand
  • sealing surface to stabilise (harden) jointing sand, inhibit weeds and protect against stains

Cost to clean, resand & seal block paving in Medway – only £6 per square metre

Block paving before and after

Does block paving need to be resanded & sealed?

The simple answer is Yes, it does. Jointing sand is an integral part of the design and helps to spread the weight of vehicles across the surface. Without this the weight would be concentrated onto individual blocks which they are not made to withstand. Blocks then break and work loose and this can lead to failure of the entire drive.

Block paving sealer is necessary to harden the sand and prevent it from being washed out by rain.

Sealant also helps inhibit weed growth and gives a protective barrier against oil and petrol leaks.

Block paving sealers come in various finishes such as clear / invisible which has no effect on appearance and gloss for a shiny or wet look.

We use only the highest quality sealants like Resiblock Trade and Everbuild – both produced by their parent company Sika.

Patio cleaners Gillingham, Rochester & Chatham

We specialise in cleaning, restoring and sealing all kinds of patio paving, particularly Indian