Patio and Driveway Cleaning London

Driveway and Patio Cleaning London

Block paving cleaning, resanding & sealing, Indian Sandstone cleaning, jet washing and all other drive and patio cleaning services in south and east London

Gleam Team Cleaning Services

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We offer the best value for money patio and driveway cleaning in London. Our professional pressure washing services clean and restore your drive or patio and remove stains, dirt, moss, black spots (lichens) and green algae.

We can transform your dirty, old and tired looking Indian Sandstone patio making it look like new again and something to be proud of.

We are experienced professionals specialising in high pressure power washing and low pressure soft washing for the safest and most effective cleaning and sealing of block paving, resin bound driveways and all types of natural stone and other paving.

Types of patio and drive surfaces we clean include:

  • concrete or clay block paving
  • Indian Sandstone
  • limestone
  • patterned/ stamped/ decorative imprinted concrete
  • paving slabs
  • resin bound drives, paths and swimming pool area and surrounds
  • resin bonded
  • cobbles and stones
  • concrete

Gleam Team Cleaning Services operate throughout  South East and South West London and East London  including Bromley , Sidcup ,Bexley , Chislelhurst . Orpington , Welling , Eltham , Greenwich , Blackheath, Clapham, Lambeth, Dulwich, Tooting, Wimbledon, Dagenham and Romford.

We specialise in driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, Indian Sandstone cleaning, tarmac and concrete cleaning and block paving cleaning,re-sanding and sealing. Being a Resiblock Approved Contractor you can be assured we only use the very best block paving sealer. If required we offer optional sealing services for all paving surfaces.

Patio and Driveway Cleaning London

We use high power professional pressure washing equipment for patio and driveway cleaning,pattern imprinted concrete and hard surfaces such as paving slabs,clay and concrete blocks,concrete slabs,Indian Sandstone,York Stone,limestone,other natural stone,paths and decking. We also clean AND stain decking .


  CLEAN , RE-SAND JOINTS & SEALER ONLY £6 per Sq Metre…”best driveway cleaning price & service in London”

Driveway & Patio Stain Removal

Our patio and driveway cleaning service in south and east London can usually remove most stains such as :

  • dirt
  • mud
  • algae
  • moss
  • weeds
  • black and white lichens
  • food and drink spillages
  • paint
  • oil stains

It’s never possible to give absolute guarantees when it comes to removing stains but with our expertise and the best pressure washing equipment and stain removing products we can usually clear away most things including oil stains.

Specialist low pressure soft wash for Indian Sandstone patio cleaning

Delicate surfaces like Indian Sandstone should not be blasted with high pressure water because it will damage the stone and tear off its layered surface.

We use low pressure soft washing to clean sandstone patios as it is highly effective and very safe and prevents damage to natural stone.

We also offer an optional patio sealing service in south London or alternatively can treat it with a long lasting fungicide product to protect it from algae, moss and lichens for 12 months.

Paving sealant for Indian Sandstone comes in a clear, invisible finish or if preferred colour enhancement sealer can be applied.

Block Paving Repairs to Sunken Areas , Dips & Loose Blocks

It is quite common for the sand bed on which paving is laid to give way causing areas to sink. It can happen for any number of reasons and typically occurs as paving ages and jointing sand is lost. The effects are made worse if vehicles are regularly parked on it because of their weight. We can carry out minor repairs and leveling by removing the old sand. We replace it with a fresh,new sand bed before firmly compacting it at the correct level and returning the blocks for a tight,level finish.

Is It Really Necessary To Re-fill Joints With Sand?

ABSOLUTELY YES!! It is crucial that all joints are filled with kiln dried block paving sand as this is an integral part of the construction providing the strength necessary to bear the load of foot and vehicle traffic. It does this by causing and allowing for friction between blocks which in turn means  the weight upon it is spread evenly across the entire surface. Without this friction, weight would be concentrated on to individual blocks which on their own they are not strong enough to withstand. The blocks then become loose and start to fall apart and disintegrate resulting in the partial or total failure of the whole paved area.

If this occurs the only remedy is the very expensive construction of a new driveway. It is therefore essential that joints are topped up and remain filled.


Block paving cleaning prices including pressure washing,re-filling joints with block paving jointing sand and application of Resiblock Trade Sealer

only £7 per square metre

‘…the best value for money block paving maintenance service in south and east London’


  • Manual removal of weeds with specially designed tool
  • Pressure cleaning of surface to remove dirt and stains
  • When dry we apply block paving weedkiller and inhibitor
  • Re-fill joints with block paving sand (kiln dried sand)
  • Apply Resiblock Trade Sealant (one coat system)
Paint stains on paving
Paint removed after cleaning






We are skilled in all aspects of driveway cleaning , patio cleaning and stain removal . Crucially we also understand the differences between building materials and know the most suitable cleaning products and methods applicable to a given surface material. ALL BUILDING MATERIALS ARE NOT THE SAME!

We do NOT use hydrochloric acid based ‘patio cleaners’ that are widely available in many High Street shops as they can do irrevocable damage to some surfaces. For example,did you know that hydrochloric acid actually dissolves limestone?

No honest contractor can ever give 100% guarantees when it comes to stain removal, but with the right products, equipment and know-how we are usually able to remove paint , oil and cement.


Weeds on drives,patios,paving and paths usually take root in joints or cracks or anywhere where dirt is allowed to accumulate. They grow down into the surface rather than up through it. The only weed strong enough to come up through several centimetres or more of solid concrete is Japanese Knotweed.

It is very common for the sand filled joints of block paving to erode and fill will with dirt and soil allowing weeds to take deep root down into the sub surface. To reduce the mess caused by pressure washing,and so as not to dislodge or water-log the sand bed the blocks are laying on,when driveway and patio cleaning we manually remove the weeds. We don’t just stand there blasting the hell out of the block paving jointing sand and spraying dirt everywhere until the weeds are gone!

When dry we apply a strong weedkiller and inhibitor suitable for hard surfaces (some non-selective products cause staining). This will last for up to 3 months. Thereafter we recommend the house owner re-applying a product like ‘Path Clear’ in the spring and autumn as a minimum. Additional applications may be necessary and area should be regularly swept to prevent dirt and soil build-up.


Lichens are the circular spots,usually black or off-white in colour,that can be found on all types of patios,paths and drives. They are the combination of a fungus and algae that actually penetrate the surface and take root making them VERY difficult to remove. The darker the spot the more embedded it is and therefore even more difficult to remove.

Gleam Team use a specially developed sodium hypochlorite based outdoor cleaning product . This is an extremely powerful cleaning agent and the only one approved by the Health and Safety Executive. But when used properly in the correct dilutions it is perfectly safe for people,pets and plants.

Combined with pressure cleaning this will kill , remove and prevent re-colonisation of algae,moss and most lichens. However, some deeply embedded lichens may need repeat treatment for total clearance.


Types of block paving sealer and sealants for other building materials such as Indian Sandstone,limestone and imprinted concrete vary greatly in terms of aesthetic appearance , effectiveness , quality and price.

They can be clear / invisible having no affect on the surface appearance or a low to high sheen gloss ‘wet look’.

Resiblock are generally regarded as Europe’s leading sealant manufacturer and to stabilize and seal block paving we use their paving sealer – Resiblock Trade. It is a one coat system which reduces costs in terms of actual sealant required and amount of time needed to apply it , and dries to a clear finish. It stabilizes – or hardens  – the jointing sand, preventing erosion from rain or wind.

£6 / sq metre to clean,re-sand and seal block paving INCLUDES one coat of Resicbock Trade sealant.

It also protects against weeds and stains such as oil , berries , wine and orange juice and prevents the ingress of water which can cause displacement of blocks.

If requested we can use other brands and will automatically advise you of other cheaper alternatives to keep costs down. We are only too happy to discuss wet look options if preferred, their impact on costs and relevant products. Depending on the type of building material and desired effect it may be necessary to use a more specialised sealer. For example pattern imprinted concrete needs a sealer specifically designed for it and a multi purpose paving sealer would not be suitable.

We will always advise you of this and make sure you get quality,value for money sealers at the lowest possible prices.

Gleam Team only charge for the actual cost of products and never try to profit out of them at your expense.

We guarantee you unbeatable value for money patio cleaning and driveway cleaning services of the highest standard at the lowest prices – available throughout south London,east London and Kent.

Areas in London we cover include Bromley, Sidcup, Bexleyheath, Eltham, Blackheath, Greenwich, Rotherhithe, Surrey Quays, Mottingham, Norwood, Dulwich, Clapham, Croydon, Kingston Upon Thames, Tooting and Wimbledon.

Gleam Team offer a comprehensive range of exterior cleaning services , roof cleaning , low pressure soft washing , jet washing . driveway cleaning in MaidstoneMedwayGravesend, Bromley, Orpington and Bexleyheath  and throughout Kent, and south and east London. This includes building cleaning , exterior house cleaning , and roof cleaning in Maidstone, Medway, Tonbridge, Kent and London.

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