Patio Renovation, Indian Sandstone & Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Kent

We specialise in cleaning, restoring, renovating, sealing & repointing Indian Sandstone patios & paths, concrete slabs and other natural stone paving including limestone, granite, travertine, Yorkstone & black limestone

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Gleam Team offers a complete range of patio renovation, cleaning and sealing services in Kent and London. We are a patio cleaning company that can provide you with renovation, cleaning, sealing and repointing for the most complete and comprehensive service, if required. Whatever your patio needs, we can help with.

We can professionally and safely clean all types of popular stone paving such as sandstone, limestone, granite and slate. Natural stone can be a delicate building material and needs treating with care. Smooth paving stone is available in a beautiful array of natural tones and colours. The geological processes that created the stone took place over millions of years, but careless, inappropriate cleaning techniques and / or unsuitable cleaning chemicals or sealers can damage natural stone in a matter of minutes. We have the experience and skills to clean and seal stone patios to keep them looking wonderful and make your garden something to be proud of.

Black limestone

Do you have black limestone paving that is fadng, looking tired and losing its colour? Or perhaps it’s still coloured in the more traditional grey / blue colour but you’d like it to have a stylish black finish? There’s no doubt about it that black limestone can create a visually stunning patio in a class of its own. We can clean the stone to prepare it and once it’s thoroughly dried we can treat it with a top quality colour enhancer that will maintain the colour for up to 5 years.


This link to goes into more detail about acid tests for stone.

Gleam Team always advocate cleaning using the lowest possible water pressure, gentle cleaning products (& increase their strength as necessary) and the minimum amount of water needed to do the job properly. This is very much the case with stone paving.

What is the best way to clean my Indian Sandstone Patio?

We use a combination of either pressure washing or low pressure soft washing methods to clean stone patios. We also use specialist professional use only, water based, non-acidic, biodegradable cleaning products specifically designed for effective outdoor cleaning of natural stone and other hard surfaces. This ensures no damage is caused to the stone by acid based cleaners and it removes all the algae, lichen black spots and other staining that water pressure alone cannot do.

Very often the black staining seen on patios that looks like dirt is in fact black algae that has colonised the stone or concrete. The dreaded black spots and off-white circular marks are lichen – a combination of algae and fungi. We can get rid of these for you and are able to clean all types of paving such as:

  • limestone
  • Yorkstone
  • sandstone
  • granite
  • concrete paving slabs
  • pattern imprinted / stamped concrete
  • resin bound swimming pool surrounds

We always use approved products specifically designed for cleaning outdoor areas and they are able to keep patios cleaner for longer and free of algae. This is because algae spores are absorbed below the surface of porous sandstone and are unaffected by jet washing. The products we use are sold for professional use only and are able to be absorbed by the stone to kill the spores under the surface. The patio is thoroughly rinsed and leaves no chemical residue and poses no risk to people or pets or other wildlife. This means the algae spores are unable to re-colonise the surface as they would with only a basic jet washing service.

The porous nature of sandstone means these biological spores are absorbed below the surface and will rapidly re-colonise an area that has been pressure washed. However, some of the soft wash cleaning product is also absorbed killing spores you can’t see and providing long term residual protection.

The effectiveness of our Indian Sandstone cleaning and renovation service in Kent and London is unrivalled, as are our prices. We can transform your patio into an outdoor area to enjoy with friends and family.

Cost of cleaning & renovating Indian Sandstone patio

Typical cost of cleaning ONLY including the specialist cleaning products required is £4 – £5 per square metre, and £2 /sqm above 50sqm e.g. 70 sqm = £430 maximum, NO VAT

Cleaning and sealing with 2 coats of clear finish sealer – £6 – £7 per sqm up to 50sqm, and £4 / sqm for areas of more than 50sqm.

Gleam Team provide the best value for money, and highest quality, experienced professonal patio renovation and stone or concrete patio cleaning and sealing services in Kent.

What are the benefits of using a patio sealer?

The benefits of using a patio sealant include:

  • prolongs the life of the patio and keeps it looking good
  • repels oil, fats, BBQ stains, food and drink spillages
  • protects against UV fading
  • repels oil based stains such as petrol, engine oil and brake fluid
  • resists dirt pick-up and makes future cleaning quicker and easier
  • contains fungicide to prevent algae, lichen and moss
  • restores faded black limestone

Paving sealants come in a range of finshes depending on your preference. Some sealers dry to a clear / invisible and have no effect whatsoever on appearance. Other finishes include matt, sheen, gloss, wet look or colour enhancer for natural stone. In practice colour enhancer rends to have a darkening effect on stone.

Patio Repointing

As part of our comprehensive patio renovation service we also offer repointing to our customers using a sweep-in jointing compound. We only use top brands such as Sika and Geo-fix all weather compounds. These are long lasting types of patio grouting that provide strong, stable jointing to patio slabs and fix them in place for a long time to come. They can also be used at any tme of the year in any weather conditions.

We can replace specific areas of missing mortar around your patio slabs or if the mortar is still present but loose and crumbling we can rake this out to fully empty the joints for a stronger fix. We will discuss with you the best colour matches and always try to get the closest possible match when the existing mortar is being retained in some parts of the patio.

If some of the paving joints and mortar is still strong, functioning properly and in good condition we would suggest keeping it in place and only replace missing mortar or loose material. This will help keep your costs down to a minimum.