Gallery of The Best Driveway & Patio Cleaning Services in Kent & London

Examples of our expertise and professional standards of paving cleaning, repairs and sealing

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We specialise in providing high quality, professional driveway and patio cleaning and sealing services in Kent and London. We generally power wash clean drives and patios with commercial pressure washing equipment, but for a sometimes fragile layered stone like Indian Sandstone we also soft wash to ensure no samage is caused.

We are able to clean away dirt, algae, lichens, mould, moss and other staining restoring Indian Sandstone to its original colour. We also clean and seal:

  • block paving
  • imprinted concrete (PIC)
  • limestone, granite and all natural stone
  • concrete
  • resin bound drives and swimming pool areas
  • tarmac
  • slabs

Block paving cleaning, resanding & sealing Kent

As can be seen in the above photos our block paving refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance in Kent and London is done to the highest standard and makes drives look like new.

After jet washing the blocks and removing weeds and dirt we then brush kiln dried sand into the joints and apply a sealer to help harden (known as stabilising) the sand to stop it being washed away.

This helps inhibit weed growth and the sealer also protects against surface staining, UV fading and colonisation by algae and black and white lichen spots. We use Resiblock paving sealant.

  • Cost of block paving cleaning, resanding and sealing service in Kent and London

Is it necessary to seal block paving?

After power washing block paving it is essential to refil the joints with kiln dried sand. This helps keep the blocks tightly in place (nterlock) and helps spread the weight of vehicles evenly across the surface. . . .

It is important to appreciate that jointing sand is not there simply to fill the gaps between adjacent blocks: it provides the essential friction which then generates the horizontal and vertical interlock that allows those little blocks to carry such relatively big loads. Without the jointing sand, the pavement would, literally, fall apart, so it very definitely must be replaced.

source: Block paving refurbishment – rejointing October 2019

Types & Benefits of paving sealer

There are currently many paving sealants on the market and they can vary greatly in price and quality. They also come in a variety of finishes for customers wanting to slightly alter the appearance of their drive or patio. But there is also the clear / invisible sealer for those not wanting the sealer to have any visible effect.

Other sealant finishes include low sheen, matt, colour enhancer and gloss/ wet look.

Paving sealers provide a protective barrier which helps prolong the life and appearance of driveways, paths and patios. Their uses include:

  • stop fading caused by sunlight (UV rays)
  • prevent water saturating sub base with water repellence – hydrophobic. These sealants also help stop staining by water based drink spillages
  • prevent oil staining – oleophobic
  • prevent growth of algae and moss
  • inhibit weeds
  • facilitate easier future cleaning
  • dustproofer helps prevent build up of dirt

However, many products make claims they don’t deliver on. We use either Resiblock or Everbuild sealers. 2 of the most respected manufacturers of sealers in the UK and Europe. But we are only too happy to discuss in detail different products based on a customer’s wishes and budget and make appropriate recommendations based on the knowledge and experience aquired providing our driveway and patio cleaning services in Kent and London.

Indian Sandstone Cleaning Service

We are able to transform and restore all types of patios and restore them to their former glory. We clean Indian Sandstone use gentle but highly effective softwashing to prevent damage to the layers. It is created over millions of years by compression of the weight above it and don’t let an inexperienced amateur come along and ruin it in 5 mins by blasting water at high pressure. We may use a jet wash at low pressure to safely rinse once we have inspected the stone.

Patio cleaning and sealing service cost in Kent & London – an average sized Indian Sandstone patio of approx 50 square metres would cost between £300 – £350to clean and seal with 2 coats of Everbuild sealer.

“Gleam Team’s is the best value for money patio cleaning and sealing service in London”

We certainly believe the quality of our driveway and patio cleaning and sealing service is unrivalled and price is unbeaten.

Please see our content hub for more info.

Other services:

Gleam also offer the following services in Kent, London and Surrey:

low pressure external house and building cleaning and wall, brick and render cleaning

Please call 07581 681994 for a FREE NO obligation quote or email using our Contact Us page.


When the jointing sand has been added, how do you stop jointing sand washing away?

Kiln Dried Sand

Kiln dried sand is heated to very high temperatures making it extremely dry and fine and perfect for sweeping into block paving joints to maintain the integral srength and flexilibility of driveways. However, it needs to be treated with sealer to stabilise, or harden the sand, and stop it being washed away from weathering. Hardened sand is also difficult for weeds to grow into if properly maintained with occasional sweeping to stop dirt building up. It therefore inhibits weed growth and also prevents the sub base becoming waterlogged by resisting rainfall and stopping it seeping through. waterlogged sub bases are often the reason for block paving dips in need of repair. Sealing also has the added advantage of protecting the blocks and surface area of the driveway.

we repair block paving dips and can re-lay the sub base and then replace the blocks to flatten the surface.

An alternative to kiln dried sand that does NOT require sealing is polymeric sand

This is also a dry sand with additives mixed in that hardens when wet to form an elasticised jointing product. It just needs sweeping in then wetting. It is sometimes called self-setting sand. Different products make “no weeds” promises. But inreality weeds will return if dirt accumulates giving them something to grow into. Weeds rarely grow through blocks or jointing sand but GROW INTO dirt that builds up. Block paving should therefore occasionally be swept or washed down as ongoing maintenance to ensure weeds don’t grow back.

Driveway & Patio Cleaners Near You

Our driveway and patio cleaning services are available across Kent and London:

We also clean paving, drives, paths and patios in Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Gravesend, Dartford, Bexleyheath, Orpington, Ashford and surrounding areas.


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