Gallery of Patio, Driveway & Block Paving Cleaning, Sealing and Renovation in 2021 – 2022

Selection of some of our recent professional patio and driveway cleaning services, patio repointing, driveway renovation and refurbishment and block paver cleaning, resanding and sealing in Kent and south London

Gleam Team Cleaning Services are based in Maidstone and provide our driveway renovation and pressure washing services throughout Kent and south London. We are able to clean and restore even the dirtiest pavers, paths, patios, driveways and hard surfaces and transform them into something you can be proud of and enjoy with friends and family.

Even patios that are heavily colonised by green and black algae and lichen. These are the dreaded black spots and some species of lichens are white or yellow, circular in shape and are very often all over stone, concrete and block pavers. We can deal with these and remove them completely from exterior hard surfaces. We are able to clean and restore :

Our jet washing service is able to clean and remove :

  • algae and lichen spots
  • dirt
  • moss, weeds and mould
  • most types of staining including oil stains and paint spillages

Soft washing for paving

In addition to high pressure power washing we also use low pressure soft washing methods for some paving surfaces that may be at risk of being damaged by high pressure water. Soft wash can be the ideal solution for cleaning porous natural stone such as Indian Sandstone. Soft washing is also a safe and highly effective mrthod for cleaning pattern imprinted concrete (PIC), also known as stamped / decorative concrete. PIC must be sealed on a regular basis to maintain its appearance and a low pressure soft wash is the perfect way of preparing it to be re-sealed and without damaging the existing layer.

The photo to the left demonstrates the cleaning power and effectiveness of low pressure soft washing on an Indian Sandstone patio in Maidstone. Low pressure methods are safer for porous natural stone and are still able to remove all the algae and lichen staining and restore it to ts natural colours.

Stain removal from paving

It is not possible to give absolute guarantees but we are usually able to remove oil stains and other oil based staining like brake fluid and petrol leaks. At the very least we will be able to remove some of the stain and greatly improve the appearance of your paving, but will do our best to completely remove it and are usually able to do so. There are various factors that effect oi; stain removal such as how long has the stain been there? How ingrained into the paving is it? Was it fresh oil spilt from its container or old, dirty engine oil? But the combination of high powered pressure washers, the very best degreasing products and our know-how means if anyone get rid of stains on your drive or patio, Gleam Team can.

Driveway oil stain removal

An example of our professonal driveway cleaning service and oil stain removal in Kent and south London. This customer in Bexleyheath thought their drive was ruined but after we had finished it looked like new again.

The before and after photos on the left, taken in the spring / summer of 2021, are of a garden patio in a property from Kings Hill, near West Malling, Kent. It is a combination of stone slabs and block paving which has been colonised by white lichen spots.

As can be seen we changed it from a tired, dull grey looking area into a bright, highly attractive and gleaming patio that the owners will be able to sit out in and enjoy the summer, and continue doing so for several years more. It has been sealed with a clear / invisible finish sealer that does NOT affect appearance and contains an algecide to prevent lichen.

Indian Sandstone patio cleaning 2022

This is an example of a recent patio cleaning and restoration in Headcorn, near Maidstone. The owner of this stone patio wanted to extend it along the side of the house but had forgotten its natural colour. We were able to remove the years of ingrained dirt and build up of algae and lichen and restore the natural beauty of the sandstone.

Patio Repointing

We also offer a patio cleaning and repointing service in Kent and south London and are able to replace missing mortar or cracked and damaged mortar joints.

This Indian Sandstone patio in Rochester we cleaned, repointed and sealed in late April 2021. We were able to restore it back to its natural beautiful colouring. The customer delighted with the transformation. Sandstone is an extremely attractive looking stone and its natural colours deserve to be seen.

Driveway Renovation, Block and Brick Paving Cleaning, Resanding and Sealing

Driveway Renovation

Our block paving driveway renovation service is a comprehensive cleaning and restoration process that offers excellent value for money. The cost for block and brick pavers cleaning, joint resanding and sealing is only £7 per square metre and areas in excess of 50 sq metres get a further discount. Compare this to the national average price of between £8.50 to £12.50 per sq metre (Source: Checkatrade Blog – What is the cost to clean a driveway in 2022 ).

Gleam Team not only provide the best value for money driveway renovation in Kent because also the quality of our work is second to none. The photos below demonstrate how effective and professional our patio and driveway cleaning services really are and are a selection of some recent jobs during 2021.