Render Cleaning Kent

Render Cleaning Kent

K Rend Cleaning, Weber Rend, Monocouche, Coloured Render, Pebbledash, Stucco & Building Facade Cleaning Services Throughout Kent & London

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Coloured and white render cleaning

We are based in Maidstone and provide professional render cleaning services in Maidstone and throughout Kent and London.

What is rendering?

Rendering when used in context of building construction and renovation is a cement based product applied to internal or external walls to produce a weatherproofed finish to concrete and brick. The finished appearance of render varies according to personal taste and can be smooth, textured, plain or coloured.

We can safely and effectively clean all types of render including:

  • K Rend
  • Weber Rend
  • Monocouche
  • Coloured Render
  • Stucco
  • Pebbledash

Over time house and building exterior surfaces begin to accumulate staining of different types and colours depending on local conditions. A biofilm builds up providing the ideal habitat for algae, mildew, mould and moss leading to black, green and red algae colonising an exterior rendered wall. Moisture retained in the wall provides the perfect damp environment for algae to thrive.

Other common causes of contaminants being deposited on walls and building and house exteriors include atmospheric pollution, traffic and industrial pollution in urban areas and organic growth.

It is important to first identify the cause of the soiling in order to decide on the most appropriate method of render cleaning.

Black carbon staining – gypsum crust

High levels of sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere when mixed with water can produce sulphuric acids, more commonly known as acid rain. This reacts with minerals found in render substrate such as brick mortar and when dry results in crystalised gypsum.

Our professional render cleaning service in Kent can safely and effectively clean and sanitise K Rend and other types of modern render and stucco returning your external walls to their original colour. It also kills all biological spores such as algae to prevent recolonisation.

We can clean rendered walls and remove all types of staining such as:

  • green, black & red algae
  • mildew & mould
  • traffic pollution
  • dirt and other contaminants
  • carbon and gypsum

Cleaning algae from render

Gleam Team’s professional render cleaning services in Kent can clean and remove staining caused by :

  • Algae – red, yellow, black and green algae
  • Lichen – typically black or off-white circular shaped spots
  • Mould
  • Moss and fungus

Residual protection preventing algae on Weber, K-Rend, Pebbledash, Coloured & Plain renders

Gleam Team also offer an additional render cleaning service to provide long term protection from red, green, yellow and black algae and prevent it from re-colonising rendered walls. After cleaning the rendered surfaces a professional grade biocide is sprayed over the walls and partially absorbed by the porous render below the surface. It then kills algae spores that have also been absorbed and continues killing any new algae and biological spores that come into contact with the treated area.

The biocide is a highly effective product specifically developed for the soft washing industry and its long lasting effects continue to work for a minimum of 12 months, if not longer in our experience. It is a biodegradable biocide approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

There are extra costs incurred with this service for materials but it is available to you for only an additional £100 and with no extra labour charges.

Ongoing render maintenance cleans

After a professional clean, an annual or bi-annual biocide treatment will keep your render looking clean and free from unsightly red, black and green algae staining indefinitely. The actual frequency of maintenance cleans will vary depending on local conditions and environment. But once every 12 to 24 months is all that will be required to keep your home looking permanently good.

Types of modern render

K Rend: K Render is a silicone based render incorporating water repellency to provide a weatherproof coating

Coloured Render: coloured render comprises of cement, sand and lime and is made from white Portland Cement. Colouring pigments are added to provide a consistent colour through the finished product.

Monocouche Render: Monocouche comes from the word mono meaning one and monocouche render is a single layered decorative finish.

Weber Rend: Weber are an international manufacturer of industrial mortars, renders and decorative finishes.

Pebbledash: also known as Roughcast it is a mixture of sand, gravel, pebbles, cement and lime and it has been used as a method for protecting and waterproofing buildings dating back hundreds of years. Pebbledash can be more challenging to clean thoroughly at low pressure but with the appropriate experience and care it can be done. Some contractors and householders are tempted to just blast pebbledash with high power water from a pressure washer. Not only will this actually result in a less effective clean, it is also quite likely to damage and crack the pebbledash and even the brickwork underneath.

It is NOT a shortcut that Gleam Team will take and if customers ask for it we have to politely decline and explain why.

We clean house and building exteriors throughout Kent and our professional render soft washing services are available in :

  • Maidstone & Malling
  • Medway Towns
  • Sittingbourne
  • Gravesend & Dartford
  • Borough Green
  • Kings Hill
  • Tonbridge
  • Tunbridge Wells
  • Sevenoaks
  • Paddock Wood

and all surrounding areas

  • Ashford
  • Canterbury
  • Folkestone
  • Dover
  • Thanet

We also cover south, south east and central London including Bromley, Orpington, Bexleyheath, Sidcup, Chiselhurst, Blackheath and beyond. Depending on the size of the job we operate throughout the Greater London area and south east region.

Soft wash render cleaning in Kent

We use gentle but highly effective soft washing methods to clean rendered surfaces safely without risk of damaging your property.

We do not power wash render as it is a relatively soft material and high pressure cleaning is likely to damage the render and the wall underneath.

Low pressure soft washing

This involves the application of specialist cleaning products at low pressure to clean and restore K Rend and all other types of render. The powerful cleansers safely clean and restore any rendered surface.

Cleaning rendered walls using softwashing methods also minimises the amount of water needed and avoids saturation of the rendered surface. Excessive amounts of water, particularly when blasted at high power, can penetrate the render and substrate. Bricks are extremely susceptible to efflorescence which is the powdery white staining often seen on brick walls. This is caused by water and soluble salts found in bricks and mortars which then rise to the surface and are activated by water penetration.

Cleaning render using soft wash is safe, environmentally friendly and highly effective.

Exterior house & building cleaning

We specialise in cleaning all external areas of homes and business premises including fascia, soffits and cladding cleaning and roof cleaning available across Kent and London.

We provide a full range of residential and commercial exterior cleaning services include pressure washing, block paving, patio and driveway cleaning  . We are able to clean all outdoor areas, house and building exteriors and external hard surfaces in the garden or commercial yard such as brick and block pavers, resin bound, concrete, Indian sandstone, other natural stone and decking cleaning, staining and renovation.

Our services including external house washing and roof cleaning are also now available in Surrey and Sussex.

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