Render Cleaning London

Render Cleaning London

K Rend Cleaning, Weber Rend, Coloured Render & Monocouche Render Cleaning Services in London, Kent, Surrey & South East

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Commercial coloured render cleaning


We provide professional render cleaning in London and the south east for residential and commercial properties.

We use low pressure softwashing to safely and effectively clean all types of render including:

  • K Rend render cleaning
  • Monocouche
  • Weber Rend
  • Coloured Render

We can clean black, green and red algae from render, mould, mildew and other organic staining.

We can remove stains from render including rust stain removal.

Permanent algae removal from render

Our render cleaning service not only cleans and restores all types of render and removes red, black and green algae, but we also kill all biological spores preventing regrowth of algae and mildew.

We use professional render cleaning products specifically designed for cleaning exterior building surfaces.

Soft wash render cleaning London

All cleaning of render and house and building exteriors and facades should be done with the minimum amount of water possible, and using low pressure methods, known as softwashing.

This is because water penetration is a major cause of structural problems in masonry substrate so power washing and surface saturation should always be avoided.

Water that penetrates the substrate can lead to an excess of soluble salts that are harmful to brick, stone and concrete and can result in efflorescence. This is the white staining often seen on brick walls when salts rise to the surface due to excess water.

Furthermore, pressure washing rendered walls is also likely to damage and mark the render.

Organic growth on render retains moisture and provides the perfect environment for the colonisation of mould, mildew, lichens etc.

Professional render cleaners

We are experienced and skilled in the safe and effective cleaning of renders and building exteriors.

We understand the different types of staining that occur and how to remove rust stains from render, algae, dirt and more.

We are also conversant with the Code of Practice for Cleaning and Surface Repair of Buildings, 2000 and trained in the use of biocides for the control of organic growths.


What is render?

Traditionally render is a mixture of sand and cement, sometimes with added lime, used to coat external walls made of brick, stone or concrete. Rendering provides weatherproofing and protection from the elements combined with a decorative smooth or textured finish.

Modern acryllic renders can have polymers added for increased water resistance, strength and better adhesion as well as colour pigments to produce coloured render.

Monocouche render, derived from mono meaning one, are single layered renders.

Coloured render is pigmented with a specific colour to ensure a consistent colour throughout the render.

Popular manufacturers include K Rend and Weber Rend.


Our render cleaning service is available in London, Kent, Surrey and the south east.


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