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Low Pressure soft washing of walls, brick & render cleaning services

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We are exterior cleaning specialists providing low pressure softwashing for cleaning house and building exteriors, cladding, UPVC, wood panelling, brick and wall cleaning and render cleaning services in Surrey.

We clean all types of render including K Rend, Weber rend, monocouche and coloured render.

What is softwashing?

Soft washing was developed in recent years as a low pressure, non aggressive means of cleaning more fragile external hard surfaces that are likely to be damaged by powerful pressure washing. It utillises specially made cleaning products specifically designed for outdoor surface cleaning that clean and remove general dirt and staining but also red algae, black algae, green algae, mould, mildew and lichens.

Soft washing is ideally suited to cleaning roof tiles, asphalt/ felt roofs, wooden cladding and all types of render. The products we use are approved by K Rend and Weber.

They are also environmentally friendly and approved by the UK government health and Safety Executive. The products we use are safe on all known building materials and external hard surfaces. When used properly by professional soft wash contractors in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Below is a video demonstrating soft cleaning of a rendered wall and house exterior.

Benefits of Soft Wash Wall Cleaning, Exterior House & Render Cleaning in Surrey

Soft washing is a more effective way of cleaning external areas of your home or commercial premises than pressure washing. This is because the cleaning products are absorbed by porous materials like rendered walls.

Not only does it clean and remove surface staining but it carries on cleaning and killing any biological spores absorbed into the render already and also spores that may land on the wall in the future. It’s long lasting, ongoing cleaning power lasts at least 12 months keeping render and other surfaces cleaner for longer.

It is also important to remember that using excessive amounts of water (water saturation) and at high pressure can cause activation of water soluble salts contained within bricks and mortar leading to white efflorescence staining. Water trapped inside external walls can lead to damp on inside walls and is subject to freeze/ thaw in winter. water expands when frozen and this can cause cracking and structural damage inside the wall itself.

For these reasons we don’t recommend high pressure jet washing and always use low pressure soft wash for render and wall cleaning in Surrey.

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