Resin Bound Maintenance & Cleaning Services Kent

Professional cleaning and stain removal for resin bound driveways, patios, paths and swiming pool surrounds in Kent, London & South East

We provide professional, affordable resin bound maintenance and cleaning services near Maidstone and throughout Kent and London. Our pressure washing service removes dirt, staining, oil spills, algae and moss, and is suitable for your resin bound :

  • driveway
  • patio
  • paths
  • swimming pool area
  • other resin bound surface

Resin bound surfaces are relatively low maintenance and being naturally porous they drain quickly. However, like any outdoor area they still attract dirt and stains caused by foot and vehicle traffic, food and drink, dead leaves and vegetation, fruits and berries from surrounding trees etc.

Shaded, damp areas can also lead to algae and moss appearing which will only spread if not dealt with.

How do we clean resin bound surfaces in Kent ?

To clean resin bound drives and outdoor areas we use powerful petrol pressure washers and cold water only. Hot water is not suitable for resin bound as it can damage the chemical make-up of resin and weaken it.

For indoor swimming pool areas we will tend to use an electric jet wash.

We also combine this with specialist cleaning products and degreasers for effective stain removal.

Removing algae from resin bound surfaces

Areas that are affected by algae staining and moss we apply a highly effective and safe biocide in a gel form that is applied to the surface with a roller. After giving it time to take effect we then jet wash the area and rinse to leave it clean and free of algae.

Porous materials absorb algae spores meaning that surface cleaning only cleans the visible area. However, the specialist products we use are also partially absorbed below the surface killing ALL algae spores above and below the surface. This means resin bound driveway, patio or path will stay clean and algae-free for much longer.

If algae below the surface is not removed it will just re-colonise the surface area again after pressure washing.

Long lasting protection from algae and moss on resin bound

If required we can also apply a long lasting biocidal product that continue killing algae and moss spores for at least 12 months after cleaning. All products used are entirely safe for people and pets and fully biodegradeable.

Our resin bound maintenance and cleaning services are available in Kent and across the south east including L