Roof Cleaning Essex

Soft wash roof cleaning services & moss removal

Before & after moss removal & soft washing

We provide a professional roof cleaning service in Essex, London, Kent and the south east. We are able to remove moss from roofs and then use low pressure soft washing to clean the roof and restore them to their natural colour. Finally we apply a moss inhibiting biocide to prevent roof moss returning as well as algae, lichen and other biological spores that colonise roof tiles.

No Roof Moss Guarantee

We are so confident in our cleaning methods and the effectiveness of the products we use that we guarantee your roof remains free of moss for a minimim of 12 months after soft wash cleaning. In our experience the biocide lasts longer than that but we guarantee 12 months as that is in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. If moss should reappear in that time we will return and clear the moss and treat the roof again free of charge.

Is roof cleaning necessary?

Marley Tiles state that regular maintenance is crucial to prolong the lifespan of a roof. They also say that excessive moss retains moisture and therefore keeps the roof permanently damp which can cause damage or leaks.

Wikipedia say that the build up of algae, lichen and moss can “reduce a roof’s life expectancy.”

Is roof cleaning safe?

Yes it is when done by experienced professionals using approved methods. Tile manufacturers advise scraping moss from roofs and not using high pressure jet washing to clean roofs.

How do we clean roofs in Essex?

We start by covering the downpipe to stop blockages and laying tarpaulin on the ground around the house to collect falling moss. Then we access the roof by using ladders or a scaffold tower and then using telescopic poles with a moss scraping tool attached we scrape the moss from the roof. This can be a time consuming process but of critical importance to us is that this is the best and safest method for our customers property. It effectively removes moss from roofs but without the risk of damage that can occur from jet washing.

All gutters are completely cleaned and cleared.

We then gently clean the roof and remove all the dirt, lichen spots and algae with low pressure soft wash roof cleaning. This highly effective method applies specialist cleaning products at very low pressure to safely clean your roof. Much of the black staining found seen on roofs is actually black algae rather than dirt. Biological spores of algae and lichen spots are absorbed into porous materials such as roof tiles and are unaffected by pressure washing below the surface. However, soft washing chemicals also absorb into the tiles killing and removing all the invisible spores. This means they cannot recolonise the roof keeping it cleaner for longer.

Is jet washing or soft wash the best way to clean a roof?

Although pressure washing is an important part of our business, for example for block paving, driveway and patio cleaning, we do not pressure wash roofs. Why? Well, the Wikipedia page on roof cleaning states very clearly:

“Never use a pressure washer as this may damage the roof”

Marley also advise against it saying:

“The use of high powered jet washes is not recommended as it can damage the surface of the slate or tile, thus reducing its expected life considerably.”

We think that advice is clear and if it’s what the tile makers recommend it’s good enough for us. Jet washing roofs also has other disadvantages such as:

  • excessive mess caused by dirt and moss being blasted at high pressure
  • likely to damage or dislodge roof tiles
  • requires hire of a cherry picker to do it safely thus increasing the cost to the customer
  • risk of water entering the roof space
  • does not kill or remove spores absorbed below the surface meaning the roof will soon look dirty again

As can be seen from the photos of some of our roof cleaning projects the results are fantastic. This is why we only use soft washing methods in our roof cleaning service in Essex. This post we wrote on the subject of the best way to clean a roof has more information.