Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Surrey and Sussex

Professional, fully insured roof cleaning services including roof moss removal and low pressure soft washing

Introducing our experienced and professional roof cleaning service now available in Surrey and Sussex. Gleam Team Cleaning Services are well established in Kent and London and we were awarded the 2019 award ofBest Cleaning Company in South East’.

We provide a range of exterior house washing and cleaning services including roof moss removal and low pressure roof cleaning using soft washing methods for safe and highly effective cleaning of roof tiles.

We do NOT jet wash roofs as we don’t believe it is the safest way to clean roofs and it also strips the protective granular surface of tiles. Furthermore, additional risks are the likelihood of disloding or breaking tiles and causing a teerible mess with moss flying everywhere. Tile manufacturers such as Marley Tiles also warn –

It is not recommended to remove moss by pressure washing as this can force water into the roof space

source Marley Blog,

However, they also do advise removing heavy growth of moss as it may affect the flow of water down the roof and affect drainage. Moss also retains water keeping tiles permanently damp/ wet increasing the risk of damage or leaks. Their blog says

In these cases, moss and lichen should be removed to avoid possible water ingress into the roof space.

Lichens are a combination of fungus and algae. They are circular in shape and the most commonly found varieties in the UK are white, black or yellow spots. They are damaging to roofs because they penetrate the surface and take root on tiles leading to water absorption on the tiles and possible freeze/ thaw problems because frozen water increases in volume by approximately 9%.

Roof moss removal

Before we start we cover downpipes to prevent blockages and lay tarpaulin around the house to collect and debris. All gutters are cleaned out on completion of the work and your property is left as we found it. We remove moss from tiles manually by scraping it off using long reach extendable poles with a tool attached designed to safely clear away the moss. We access the roof using ladders or scaffold towers and do not walk over the tiles or risk causing any other damage.

Low pressure roof cleaning Surrey & Sussex

Cleaning roofs with low pressure is known within the cleaning industry as soft washing.

It has been designed as a way of cleaning roofs and other more fragile exterior surfaces that may be damaged by high power pressure washing. Softwashing incorporates the use of specialist products specifically manufactured for cleaning outdoor areas and removing ALL biological growths including:

  • lichen
  • moss
  • black, green and red algae
  • mildew
  • other organic staining and dirt

The products used are water based, non acidic and biodegradable so are safe for people pets and the environment. Soft wash roof cleaning has the advantage of keeping roofs cleaner for longer because lichen and other biological spores are absorbed into the tiles and pressure was washing alone only removes surface dirt and biofilm. That means they will soon re-appear and re-colonise the surface.

Professional soft washing products are also partially absorbed killing ALL spores completely meaning your roof is stays cleaner for longer. On top of that a high quality biocide is applied to prevent the re-growth of moss, lichens and other biological spores.

Our roof cleaning service in Surrey and Sussex will restore your roof to its natural colour and the effect is dramatic.

How much does roof cleaning cost in Surrey and Sussex?

Gleam Team moss removal and soft wash roof cleaning prices in Surrey and Sussex start at only £350.

All treatments include application of a long lasting biocide (anti fungicide) to give long term protection against regrowth of moss and lichen.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of roof cleaning at unbeatable prices.

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