Roof Cleaning London

Roof Cleaning London

Roof moss removal & low pressure soft wash for roof tiles cleaning across London & Essex

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Gleam Team are fully insured, experienced roof cleaners who offer a professional, low cost, high quality roof moss removal and roof cleaning service in London and Essex. After removing roof moss we apply a powerful moss inhibitor and fungicide to prevent moss regrowth for approximately 12 months. And we also include a No Moss Guarantee: if moss returns within 12 months of our soft wash roof cleaning, we will return and treat the roof again free of charge.

We also offer an optional low pressure soft washing to completely transform your roof and restore tiles to their original beautiful colour.

It is not only far more natural and attractive looking compared to using colourings and sealants but is also considerably less expensive. It is also the safest method of cleaning roofs without the risk of damage caused by power washing.

Roof cleaning and roof moss removal prices in London start at only £300.

Moss removal plus roof soft washing prices in London & Essex start at only £500

VAT Not Applicable – No Hidden Fees

What is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

Softwashing is the application of powerful, safe chemical cleaning products at low pressure. The chemicals do the cleaning and are strong enough to clean even more effectively than jet washing. Low pressure is far more suitable for delicate surfaces like roofs as tiles are easily damaged or dislodged if blasted with high pressure jet washers.

After applying the chemicals and allowing them to soak in they are rinsed and the process repeated. The results are stunning and soft washing is by far the safest and most effective way of cleaning roofs.

We do not jet wash roofs because of the likelihood of damaging roofs, water entering the attic and the incredible amount of mess that is generated flying all over your garden, vehicles, your neighbours property and the street in front of your house.

After cleaning the roof we apply a professional grade biocide that not only has an ongoing cleansing effect lasting several moths but also kills and controls all biological spores landing on the roof preventing regrowth of moss, lichens and algae for 12 months.

All the chemicals and biocide we use are biodegradable and safe for people, pets and the environment. They are approved for professional exterior cleaning use by the UK Health & Safety Executive.

The cleaning power of a roof soft wash

Low pressure soft washing removes:

  • moss
  • algae
  • lichens
  • dirt
  • mud

What are lichens?

These are typically off-white or black in colour and are extremely difficult to remove from roof tiles, They are a combination of algae and fungi living in a symbiotic relationship to that benefits them both.

They embed themselves into the tile surface and cannot be removed from the basic moss removal process and require specialist chemicals to kill and dislodge them.

Moss Removal From Roofs

We start by surrounding the house with tarpaulin to protect your property and collect moss that falls off the roof. We also cover downpipes to prevent blockages.

Roof moss is removed by manual scraping using specialist tools that are attached to long reach extendable poles up to 6 metres or more in length. We usually work from ladders at the gutter line although may also access the roof using roof ladders if appropriate and safe to do so without damaging tiles.

Roof Cleaning London

Our roof cleaning, roof moss removal and soft washing services are available throughout London and we offer unbeatable value for money.

According to the much respected consumer site Quotation Check the average costs for only basic moss removal in London start at between £500 and £800 for a small semi detached house, and prices rise to £1200 for a detached house. Please click link to take you to the relevant page on their site so you can check this for yourself.

Those prices will invariably be subject to VAT pushing the price to nearly £1500 for a detached house – and for roof moss removal only.

Gleam Team offer unrivalled value and quality with much lower prices for roof moss removal in London and even with soft washing too our prices will be lower.

For a 4 bedroom detached house plus garage moss removal + soft washing roof cleaning our typical price would be only £1,000 and no VAT payable.