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Roof cleaners, roof moss removal and low pressure soft washing in Medway Towns, Gravesend, North Kent, Bexleyheath & surrounding areas

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Gleam Team provide professional and affordable roof cleaning in the Medway Towns including Gillingham, Rochester, Chatham and Strood as well as Gravesend, Meopham, Wrotham, Swanley, New Ash Green, Dartford, Bexley, Bexleyheath and surrounding areas.

We are experienced roof cleaners and our service involves roof moss removal and optional low pressure soft washing for roof tile restoration and the most comprehensive and thorough cleaning possible.

All our roof cleaning services include the application of a long term moss inhibitor to prevent regrowth for at least 12-18 months.

How we clean roofs in Medway, Gravesend and South London

Roof Moss Removal

We start by surrounding the house with tarpaulin to collect moss as it falls off the roof.

We then cover downpipes to prevent them getting blocked.

We use long reach extendable poles with specialist wire brushes and scraper attachments for the effective removal of all moss on the roof.

If the roof is suitable for using roof ladders we may also use them to access the roof and clean manually close up.

After cleaning we apply long lasting inhibitor to prevent moss regrowth.

Moss Removal Roof Cleaning Prices Kent and South London

Typical roof cleaning costs for manual moss removal PLUS anti fungicide / biocide roof treatment are:

£300 – £350 for TERRACED HOUSE

£450 – £500 for SEMI DETACHED

£700 – £750 for 4/5 Bedroom DETACHED + GARAGE



As can be seen by clicking this link to average roof cleaning prices for 2018 – 2019 our quality service is HALF THE PRICE of similar sized companies and we don’t have to charge VAT as many larger roof cleaning companies do – making our prices even better value.

Our roof cleaning prices for Kent and south east London are –

£300 LESS for a terraced house & £700 CHEAPER for detached + garage

source: respected consumer website Job

Our roof cleaning service is available NEAR YOU – wherever you are in the Isle of Sheppey, Sittingbourne, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Gillingham, Rochester, Gravesend, Meopham, Swanley, Dartford, Bromley, Orpington, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Welling, Eltham, Blackheath, Greenwich and across Kent and London.

We are a professional roof cleaning company operating near you and quality of service at best prices GUARANTEED!

Manual removal of moss from roof – we do NOT jet wash roofs

There are many good reasons not to jet wash roof tiles, but you don’t have to take our word for it – what do the experts say?

Marley Tiles are the largest manufacturer of roof tiles in the UK and they specifically warn against it saying

“The use of high powered jet washes is not recommended as it can damage the surface of the slate or tile, thus reducing its expected life considerably.”

This view is also endorsed by FORTICRETE and the NATIONAL FEDERATION FOR ROOFING CONTRACTORS. Click for further information .

If this doesn’t convince you our other practical reasons based on knowledge and experience are:

  • high pressure water is almost certain to damage or dislodge roof tiles
  • water may enter the roof space underneath tiles
  • blasting moss and dirt from a surface 10 metres above ground level WILL cause a horrible mess with the debris flying all over your garden, driveway, neighbouring properties, nearby pavements and roads
  • incurs unnecessary additional costs as hiring of a cherry picker is essential – the operator must ensure water is aimed downwards. If used at gutter level high pressure water will lift tiles and flood the attic.

For this reason we only clear moss away from roof tiles using manual methods such as specialist nylon fibre scraping tools attached to long reach extension poles able to access all areas of the roof. We use nylon rather than wire brushes to prevent damage and scratching to the tile surface.

This method of removing modd from roof tiles is more labour intensive and time consuming but we still charge LESS than roof cleaning companies who jet wash.

Cleaning roofs with power washing would be a very easy option to choose because it’s faster and easier for us, but we know it’s not in our customers best interests and that’s why we don’t do it. Simple as that.

Roof before and after removing moss and low pressure cleaning by Gleam Team

Soft washing roof cleaning in Gillingham, Rochester, Gravesend

We also supply an optional soft washing service which is the low pressure application of highly effective cleaning products to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate roof tiles and restore them to their original colour.

The products we use remove dirt, mud, algae and lichens.

As can be seen by the above images our roof cleaning service in Medway can transform the appearance of your roof and bring it back to its near original condition. Your house will look fantastic and massively increase kerb appeal.

Roof cleaning soft wash prices

Prices for the most comprehensive roof deep cleaning available in the south east includes manual roof moss removal, gutter cleaning, low pressure chemical soft wash PLUS anti fungicide / biocide treatment:

£450 – £500 for TERRACED HOUSE

£650 – £700 for SEMI DETACHED

£900 – £1000 for 4/5 Bedroom DETACHED + GARAGE


Our other exterior cleaning services available in Medway, Gravesend, Sittingbourne, Tonbridge , Maidstone and across Kent include driveway and patio cleaning exterior house and building cleaning , render cleaning including K Rend and Weber Rend, brick and stone facade and wall cleaning, cladding cleaning and pressure washing of external hard surfaces.

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