Roof Cleaning Medway

Roof Cleaning Medway & Gravesend

Roof cleaners, moss removal and low pressure soft washing in Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester & throughout Medway Towns, Gravesend & Dartford

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Gleam Team provide professional and affordable roof cleaning in Medway, Gravesend, Dartford and surrounding areas.

We are experienced roof cleaners and our service involves roof moss removal and optional low pressure soft washing for roof tile restoration.

All our roof cleaning services include the application of a long term moss inhibitor to prevent regrowth for approximately 12 months.

How we clean roofs in Medway & Gravesend

Roof Moss Removal

We start by surrounding the house with tarpaulin to collect moss as it falls off the roof.

We then cover downpipes to prevent them getting blocked.

We use long reach extendable poles with specialist wire brushes and scraper attachments for the effective removal of all moss on the roof.

If the roof is suitable for using roof ladders we may also use them to access the roof and clean manually close up.

After cleaning we apply long lasting inhibitor to prevent moss regrowth.

Moss Removal Roof Cleaning Prices Medway & Gravesend

The cost of roof moss removal starts at £300 for a terraced house upto £750 for a 4-5 bedroom detached house and garage.

Our roof cleaning service is available throughout Medway, Gravesend, Dartford, Sittingbourne, Sheerness, Ashford, Maidstone, Tonbridge and across Kent and London.

We do NOT jet wash roofs as this is likely to damage and dislodge tiles and creates dirt and moss mess and debris that can cover your garden, your neighbours property and anywhere within 50 metres of your home or further on windy days.

Soft washing roof cleaning in Medway & Gravesend

We also supply an optional soft washing service which is the low pressure application of highly effective cleaning products to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate roof tiles and restore them to their original colour.

The products we use remove dirt, mud, algae and lichens.

As can be seen by the above images our roof cleaning service in Medway can transform the appearance of your roof and bring it back to its near original condition. Your house will look fantastic and massively increase kerb appeal.

Roof cleaning soft wash prices in Medway & Gravesend

Usual soft wash and moss removal roof cleaning prices range between £450 for a terraced house and upto £1000 for a 4-5 bedroom detached house plus garage.

Our other exterior cleaning services available in Medway, Gravesend, Sittingbourne, Tonbridge , Maidstone and across Kent include driveway and patio cleaning and exterior house and building cleaning.

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