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We provide professional and affordable roof cleaning services in Ashford, Canterbury and across East Kent. This includes moss removal and low pressure soft washing for the ultimate in roof tile cleaning and restoration.

Our soft wash roof cleaning method restores tiles to their natural colour and dramatically enhances the appearance of any home. Customers and their neighbours often remark on how a roof we’ve just cleaned looks brand new.

We are an experienced roof cleaning company and will give an unbeatable service at unbeatable prices. We will leave your roof looking like new in a timely manner with the whole process usually taking only a few days from start to finish, weathering permitting and depending on the actual size of the roof.

Judging by customer feedback based on other quotes they received we offer the lowest priced roof cleaning services in Ashford, Canterbury and throughout Kent with

Moss removal + soft wash roof cleaning prices from only £350

We are based in Maidstone and operate across East Kent including in faversham, Sittingbourne, Whitstable, Herne Bay and Folkestone.

Roof before cleaning
After moss removed and soft washing

How We Remove Moss From Roofs:

We start by covering all down pipes to ensure they are not blocked by loose moss and lay protective tarpaulin on the ground to collect moss and other debris that may come off the roof.

By far the cleanest and most effective way to remove moss from walls is manual scraping.

We do not jet wash roofs because this is certain to dislodge and damage roof tiles and spray mud and moss all over your driveway,garden and neighbouring properties.

Furthermore, jet washing tiles strips off the protective outer coating and redyces their effective life span. Roof tile manufacturers such as Marley specifically warn against using high pressure water for this reason.

If the roof is not too steep and the tiles are suitably robust we will access it with ladders and using safety equipment.

However, if this is impractical we work from ladders or a scaffold tower using telescopic poles with specialist scraping tools attached.

All our methods produce excellent results and on completion we clean out the gutters and make sure the guttering and down pipes are clean and flowing freely.

Finally the roof is sprayed with moss inhibiting fungicide preventing re-growth for up to 12 months.

Our roof cleaning costs in Ashford & Canterbury

Our roof cleaning services include moss removal, low pressure soft washing and treatment with a moss inhibiting anti fungicide.

Our typical prices start at £350 for a small terraced house up to approximately £700-£800 for a 4-5 bedroom detached property.

We feel we can say with confidence that Gleam Team provide the best value for money roof cleaning service in Kent and London.



What is Soft Washing?

It is the safe alternative to jet washing. It produces similar results but without the risk of damaging roof tiles and no mess.

It is the low pressure application of powerful specialist cleaning products which are sprayed onto the roof and left to soak in. After about one hour it is gently agitated using a telescopic water fed brush before thorough rinsing.

It can have a dramatic effect on roof tiles restoring them to their original colour and killing and removing dirt, lichens,algae and other biological spores.

An additional option is to finish off with an extremely effective long lasting biocide that has an ongoing cleaning effect for several months. It also continues killing all biological spores that land on the roof for 12 months preventing the re-appearance of lichens,mould,algae and mildew and keeping it clean.

Roof tiles before and after cleaning

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We are specialists in all aspects of outdoor cleaning include exterior house and building cleaning, render and brickwork and pressure washing services throughout Kent.

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