Professional Exterior Cleaning & Soft Washing in Sussex

Professional and affordable soft washing services in East Sussex for exterior house and building cleaning, wall & render cleaning, roof moss removal & roof cleaning services.

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We are an experienced exterior cleaning company providing low pressure soft wash for cleaning house and building exteriors including moss removal and roof cleaning, cladding, wall and render cleaning services in East Sussex and Sussex.

We can safely clean all types of render such as:

  • K rend
  • Weber
  • monocouche
  • coloured render

Softwashing in Sussex

Soft washing is a safer low pressure method of cleaning external hard surfaces that are likely to be damaged by powerful water blasts from pressure washing. Furthermore best practice for cleaning bricks and any masonry is for it to be done using minimal pressure and avoiding water saturation. This reduces the risk of damage and water penetration.

Soft wash also incorporates specialist products designed for outdoor cleaning that clean and remove staining from red, green and black algae, mildew, mould, moss, lichens and traffic pollution.

They also killall biological spores and continue doing so for 12 months. Porous surfaces like render slightly absorb the product and this gives it long lasting residual cleaning power and also killing spores absorbed into the surface area. Algae spores are carried in the wind and any landing on these walls or render will be killed.

Pressure washing cleans but does not prevent recolonisation or remove biological spores absorbed into thhe surface

All products we use are biodegradeable and safe for people and pets when used properly. They are also approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive. Our blog post provides further information.

Our roof soft wash, render and wall cleaning services are available across East Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London. We can clean all external areas of homes and buildings including:

We also soft wash Indian Sandstone if the stone is likely to be damaged by high pressure water. It is a delicate layered stone that needs treating with care.

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