Safe Cleaning of Building Exteriors

How to Safely Clean House & Building Exteriors Using Softwashing

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We have a great deal of experience in cleaning house and building exteriors and all types of surface including:

We understand the importance of cleaning buildings safely and achieving fantastic results without damaging the relevant masonry type. There are also legal considerations that cleaning contractors need to know and take into account. Although in practice most have no knowledge of this.

Code of Practice For Cleaning and Surface Repairs of Buildings came into effect in the UK in 2000 and all contractors should have at least a working knowledge of its provisions.

Why soft wash building exteriors?

Pressure washing services are perfect for many purposes such as block paving and driveway cleaning, but we realise that high pressure water is not always the answer.

We started introducing low pressure softwashing more than 5 years ago and were one of the first soft washing companies in Kent. We were looking for an alternative to blasting any and all surfaces with a pressure washer. Not only because of the obvious risks of, for example, removing mortar from brick walls or damaging soft render, but for structural reasons too.

Water saturation should always be avoided as excess water can penetrate masonry and become trapped within it. During winter it goes through a freeze/thaw process which can lead to internal cracks.

Water soluble salts are also harmful to buildings and can migrate to the surface causing efflorescence.

For these reasons external surfaces should be cleaned using the minimum amount of water possible a