What Is Traditional Window Cleaning?

Traditional Window Cleaning

Gleam Team Cleaning Services provide quality exterior cleaning services and are the only professional and experienced window cleaners in Maidstone to offer customers a fully insured traditional window cleaning service instead of the waterfed pole window cleaning system.

Waterfed Pole System

Involves the use of purified water which is explained in greater detail in this Wikipedia entry .Basically , it has been filtered to remove its impurities and deionised to remove minerals such as calcium and sodium. Hard water is water with a high mineral content. This purified water is said to have more cleaning power than normal water and when dried it leaves windows clear with no hard water deposits if it has been suitably deionised. If not it leaves glass covered in hard water deposits and streaks. Window cleaners operate a tank and pump system from their van which pumps the water up a long extension pole and sprays the water onto the glass.On the end of the pole is a soft bristled brush to scrub the window with as it is sprayed with water. No cleaning products are used.It is operated from the ground and can reach higher than traditional methods using ladders and goes up to 60 feet. Windows,sills and ledges are then left wet to dry naturally.

Traditional Window Cleaning:

Traditional window cleaning involves cleaning by hand.
A microfibre cleaning sleeve is fitted to a hand held T-shaped bar,and this is soaked in a soapy solution of professional window cleaning detergent diluted with water,and then used to clean the window. The soapy liquid that is left on the window is removed using a rubber bladed squeegee in the same way a car windscreen wiper works. Any drips of water remaining are wiped up with a dry microfibre cloth and if necessary the windows can be polished off with a specially designed glass polishing cloth to bring them up to an even brighter shine. Any stubborn marks that are not removed through normal cleaning are dealt with using a professional metal bladed glass scraper.

Window frames and sills are cleaned at the same time and the entire area is left clean , dry and streak-free.
Maidstone Gleam Team always use microfibre cleaning sleeves and cloths (spelt microfiber in U.S.) because they are scientifically proven to be a far more effective cleaning tool. This is because the fibres are much smaller than normal cloths made of cotton or nylon and therefore are better at attracting and retaining dirt,dust and other materials.
Leaded windows are cleaned in the same way but instead of a squeegee, a microfibre cloth is used to remove the soapy water and a dry cloth then polishes the window.

Ladders are normally used for 1st and 2nd floor windows although sometimes if access is difficult an extension pole is used which the cleaning sleeve and t-bar attach to.


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