Biocide Soft Washing

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Biocide for Exterior Cleaning & Soft Washing

Gleam Team are based in Maidstone and provide exterior cleaning and soft washing services throughout Kent and London. Combining low pressure soft washing and high pressure power washing we are able to clean all exterior areas including patio and driveway cleaning, roof cleaning, extterior house and building cleaning and decking cleaning and maintenance.

What is Biocide?

Biocide contains DDAC (Didecyldimethylammonium chloride) which is the active ingredient that provides most of its cleaning power. It is used in various industrial environments to produce disinfectants and cleansing products.

In recent years a number of soft washing biocides have been developed such as Benz Biocidal Wash. This product is a highly concentrated, long lasting cleanser developed for professional contractors in the control of biological growths.

Biocides can be used as a stand alone cleaner or after pressure washing and are safe for cleaning:

  • roof tiles and slates
  • natural stone
  • concrete
  • block paving
  • tarmac
  • UPVC
  • timber
  • decking
  • cladding
  • brick cleaning
  • all known building materials
Benz Biocidal Wash

Cleaning & Control of Biological Growths

A good quality biocide such as Benz Biocidal Wash does not have the immediate dramatic cleaning effect of sodium hypochlorite based chemicals or bleach but starts to show significant improvements to surfaces within 14 days and goes on cleaning for 6 months.

It also prevents regrowth of biological organisms like moss, algae, mildew and lichens for at least 12 months.

Furthermore, it is approved by the UK Government Health and Safety Executive.

There are plenty of products readily available off the shelf in DIY stores that make similar claims regarding cleaning power and control of moss etc. But they have much lower concentrations of DDAC and have extremely limited cleaning power and are of little or no use preventing future growth of lichens and moss.

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