Exterior Cleaning Services


Wall and Render Cleaning

Professional low pressure cleaning for K rend and all types of render, external wall, brick and house and building exteriors. Safe cleaning that won't damage your property


Driveway, Patio & Block Paving Cleaning

Drive and patio cleaning and sealing and block paving cleaning, resanding & sealing in Kent & London.


Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal in Kent

Low pressure soft wash roof cleaning services and roof moss removal.
Restore your roof tiles to their original colour and clear away the moss, algae & unsightly stains.


We Provide A Comprehensive Range of High Power Pressure Washing & Low Pressure Softwashing Services For ALL Exterior Hard Surfaces, Patio & Driveway Cleaning, External House Cleaning & Building Cleaning, Wall, Facade & Render Cleaning, Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal, Conservatory Cleaning and All Outdoor Areas - Throughout Kent, London, Surrey and South East

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We remain open and continue providing our cleaning services for outdoor areas during the Coronavirus Lockdown. Of course we are extremely careful to observe social distancing rules and will NOT in any circumstances work if displaying any sign of symptons. As always, our customers can make payments using a bank transfer or cheque, and at all times we will remain a minimum of 2 metres away from you.

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Whatever your exterior cleaning requirements are, Gleam Team in Maidstone have the equipment, expertise and know-how to provide the solution.

Block paving before & after clean,re-sand & seal
Indian Sandstone patio cleaned, regrouted and sealed by Gleam Team

We are an experienced exterior cleaning company based in Maidstone and operating throughout Kent, London and south east. We have a thorough and detailed understanding of outdoor cleaning methods with more than 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE.
WE utilise both low pressure soft wash and powerful pressure washing ensuring we have the most appropriate means of cleaning all external areas of your home, building, garden or commercial premises.

Soft washing has been developed in recent years as a non aggresive way of cleaning hard surfaces and more fragile building materials that may be damaged by high pressure power washing.

It is ideally suited to cleaning roof tiles, house and building exteriors, brick walls, render, tennis courts, tarmac and soft natural stone e.g. Indian Sandstone and all types of cladding such as plastic, timber, fibre cement and metal. We adhere to the best and safest cleaning methods recommended by industry experts / associations and manufacturers to protect and prolong the life of your property. The UK also has a government produced Code of Practice for Cleaning & Surface Repair of Buildings.

We are trained and conversant in relevant legislation and best practices including:

Inappropriate cleaning methods such as excessive water pressure or saturation of surfaces can lead to longer term structural problems of buildings and have a detrimental effect on its appearance.

Low pressure soft wash & pressure washing services in Kent

We offer a range of exterior cleaning solutions and combine low and high pressure methods depending on what is most appropriate for the relevant surface. We were the first local contractor to introduce softwashing and we use safe and highly effective cleaning products approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive for professional use.

Although high powered pressure washing is one of our specialist areas we are selective in its use. We know its limitations and are aware of the damage that can be caused to fragile and delicate external surfaces. Many exterior cleaners seem to think anything can be cleaned by jet washing but that is not the case. Blasting a surface with power washing can cause serious damage to walls, brick, mortar, render, K rend, stucco, roof tiles, Indian Sandstone and patio grouting / joints.

Water penetration into masonry substrate can cause structural problems, freeze / thaw expansion in winter and produce more soluble salts which appear on the surface of brick walls as white staining, known as efflorescence.

All cleaning should be done using the minimum amount of water necessary to avoid saturation.

Our external house cleaning, exterior building cleaning, wall cleaning, render cleaning and roof cleaning is always done using low pressure soft wash.

Roof tile cleaning & roof moss removal in Kent

Our exterior cleaning services in Kent and London include:

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