Gutter Cleaners – Soffit, Fascia & Cladding Cleaning Maidstone, Kent

Gutter Cleaning In Maidstone only £50

Manual cleaning of interior and exterior gutters and fascias, soffit and cladding cleaning

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Gleam Team Cleaning Services & Garden Maintenance

Gleam Team provide gutter and cladding cleaning services in Maidstone and surrounding areas, as well as external cleaning of FASCIAS , SOFFITS , BARGEBOARDS , TIMBER PANELLING, VINYL SIDING & UPVC CLADDING CLEANING

Maidstone gutter cleaning prices – from only £50 per gutter

Gutter cleaning and clearing of all blockages, leaves , foliage and any other contents.

Manual gutter cleaning

Cleaning of Gutter + Exterior Casing + Fascia + Soffit – ONLY £50 per gutter/ side

Gutter exterior casing,fascias and soffits before and after cleaning

Overflowing gutters aren’t just unsightly – they can actually cause serious damage to your home if not repaired.

Winter is coming… are your gutters ready?

Guttering is the means by which rain water and melting snow is safely and cleanly moved from the roof to drainage on the ground. If they become blocked and prevent this process the water will overflow and run down your walls causing unsightly staining. Water overflowing from gutters can seep into walls, damaging brickwork and plaster, causing damp and mould issues in the house, and on occasion even causing structural damage! Having your gutters checked regularly should be part of every homeowners maintenance schedule. Gutters become blocked by many things such as moss, dirt, falling leaves and twigs, and plant seeds and fruit dropped by birds. If not cleared these can soon grow into weeds popping out of your gutters!

How we clean gutters in Maidstone

Our gutter cleaning in Maidstone and surrounding areas is done by hand to ensure the most thorough and effective cleaning and removal of all debris and obstructions within the gutters. We access them with ladders and can use specialist gutter clearance tools on extension poles to ensure the whole gutter is properly cleared out. And at prices starting from only £30 per gutter we’re the best value for money gutter cleaners near you! Gutter Cleaning Prices based on average 3 bedroom semi detached.

Cladding Cleaning in Maidstone & Kent

Fascia, Soffits & Cladding Cleaners

We are able to clean all areas arround the roofline and house exterior including:

  • Fascias
  • Soffits
  • Cladding
  • Bargeboards
  • Exterior of Gutter Casing

UPVC and Timber Cladding Cleaning

We clean cladding, fascias, gutter exteriors and other surfaces in Maidstone using long reach professional telescopic water fed cleaning poles with brushes, and a specialist outdoor cleaning product and degreaser . This is sprayed directly onto the surfaces and more is mixed into our large 25 litre water drums. The pole is connected to this water supply and the soapy water is pumped up through the pole and sprays out of jets in the brush head onto the surface. This method ensures the most thorough and effective cleaning and removes mould, algae, mildew and dirt no matter how heavy the soiling is. Cleaning cladding, fascias and soffits can significantly improve the appearance of your home and help increase its value and ‘kerb appeal’. We also offer a full range of cleaning for all external areas of your home and garden including exterior building cleaning, walls and brickwork , roof tile cleaning and moss removal , window cleaning and conservatory cleaning, driveway and patio pressure washing and decking maintenance. We are the leading exterior cleaning specialists in Maidstone, Medway and Kent.

Cladding Cleaning Services Near You

Our cladding cleaning service is available in Maidstone, Chatham, Rochester, Gillingham, Tonbridge, Gravesend and surrounding areas of Kent. Call our friendly team today on 07581 681994 or get in touch via our contact form to find out what we can do for you or to book your gutter clearance or external cleaning requirements.

We clean the following types of house and building cleaning:

  • PVCu
  • timber
  • brick
  • stone
  • render
  • metal
  • fibre cement boards

Window Cleaning

£ 10
  • Professional Window Cleaning
  • Frames And Ledges Included
  • 100% Satisfaction Gurantee

Gutter Cleaning

£ 30
  • Per Gutter
  • Blockages And Debris Removed
  • Inside And Out From £50

Jet Washing

£ 2.50
  • Per Square Metre
  • Driveways & Patios Restored
  • Optional Re-sanding & Sealing

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

£ 50
  • Conservatory Roof Deep Clean
  • Prices Vary According To Size & Condition
  • Complete Conservatory Valet Options