Best Brick Cleaning Methods

What are the most effective and safest ways to clean exterior brickwork and walls?

Gleam Team provide professional exterior cleaning and brick cleaning services in Kent, London and the south east. We specialise in:

  • house and building exterior cleaning
  • wall and brick cleaning
  • render cleaning
  • low pressure soft washing
  • new builds post construction exterior cleaning
  • removal of algae, lichen and mould from brickwork

Here at Gleam Team we believe in using low pressure soft wash water cleaning methods for exterior brickwork. Soft washing is a very low pressure method of cleaning outdoor areas that could be damaged by high pressure jet washing. Soft wash methods apply water and a suitable cleaning product at low pressure to gently but effectively clean fragile surfaces such as bricks, rendered walls and roof tiles.

Soft wash brick cleaning avoids saturating walls and stops water from penetrating brickwork as it can when blasted at with power washing. The 2012 Code of Practice for Cleaning and Surface Repair of Buildings in the UK advises that when cleaning house and building exterior walls it should be done using the minimum amount of water necessary and at the lowest possible water pressure.

Our brick cleaning services in Kent and London adhere to these principles and soft wash building cleaning pumps water out at lower pressure than a garden hose. We do, of course, offer professional pressure washing services for suitable areas like driveway and patio cleaning, but we do not jet wash brickwork. The likelihood of damaging the brick face or mortar joints is too high.

If the brick face is damaged and comes off it exposes the softer, more porous inner brick which will absorb rain and leave water trapped inside the brick. In winter weather this leads to a freeze and thaw cycle and frozen water expands in volume by 9% as it is