Roof Cleaning Cost UK – Moss Removal, Jet Wash & Soft Wash Price Guide

Prices for moss removal and roof cleaning services in Kent, London and South East of UK

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The cost of roof cleaning in the UK varies according to the method of cleaning. The usual methods are:

  • moss removal only – usually by scraping moss from tiles
  • jet washing tiles using water at high pressure to blast the surface clean (also known as pressure washing / power washing – we DO NOT use this method for cleaning roofs**)
  • low pressure roof soft washing

**Although we offer a professional pressure washing service for block paving, driveway and patio cleaning and sealing we do not jet wash roofs as tile manufacturers specifically warn against jet washing roof tiles. It can strip away the protective coating covering the exterior surface of the tile. It can be done safely and there are professional roof cleaning companies that jet wash roofs with excellent results. This post about the cost of cleaning roof tiles is not intended as a criticism of legitimate businesses that use different methods.

However, we prefer to follow the advice of the manufacturers and so don’t use high pressure. For example, Marley Tiles recommend removing moss by scraping and warn against jet washing.

In our experience jet washing roofs is also extremely messy with moss and dirt flying everywhere and can also damage and dislodge tiles. Furthermore, jet washing only removes surface dirt and the black staining seen on roof tiles is usually black algae, called gloeocapsa magma. Some of this algae is absorbed by porous materials such as roof tiles and after pressure washing it will be unaffected and will then recolonise the roof. Soft washing biocide kills all biological spores including algae and lichen above and below the surface, resulting in a far more thorough and effective clean.

We also do not offer roof coatings.

Average prices to clean a roof

According to the many quotation type websites that claim to give accurate average prices for various home improvement projects there are significant regional differences for the cost of roof cleaning in the UK. London and the south east are typically more expensive than other areas, as are our house prices.

These websites state the cost of pressure washing a roof can be as much as £12 to £15 per square metre. Quotation are a reputable and established website for online quotes and they say that the average price for roof moss removal in London and the south ranges between £700 to £900. In the example used these prices are for a standard size 3 bedroom semi detached house with a roof 8 metres across. Please see screenshot below.

For comparison, our usual price for moss removal and soft washing of the same 3 bedroom semi detached house is only £450-£500

Screenshot from of average roof cleaning cost in UK

Gleam Team roof cleaning cost in Kent & London 2021

We are experienced, professional roof cleaners operating in Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex and the south east. Our roof cleaning service involves:

  • manual moss removal by scraping
  • low pressure soft washing of tiles
  • apply moss inhibiting biocide with our 12 month moss-free guarantee***

if moss reappears within 12 months of cleaning we will return, remove the moss and apply a repeat treatment FREE of CHARGE. We have the utmost confidence in the professional grade products we use and experience tells us your moss is likely to remain clean and moss-free for considerably longer than 12 months.

Our prices may occasionally differ depending on the actual size of a roof and the extent of moss and algae colonisation but our typical roof cleaning prices in Kent and the south east are:

  • TERRACE = £300
  • SEMI DETACHED = £450-£500
  • 3/4 BED DETACHED = £600-£700

Our prices remain consistent in all areas we operate in and we do not charge extra in London and add no London weighting.

Gleam Team soft washing services are the perfect cleaning solution for fragile materials that are susceptible to damage from high power pressure washing. Soft wash is ideally suited to:

Before & after moss removal and soft wash

Please see our FAQ for further information on our exterior cleaning services.


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