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NO MOSS GUARANTEE! – After cleaning your roof and applying the biocide treatment, should any moss appear within 12 months we will come back, clear the moss and re-treat the entire roof again with biocide FREE OF CHARGE

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Gleam Team Cleaning Services are based in Maidstone but also operate in Medway, Gillingham, Rochester, Gravesend, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone and across Kent and London, providing reasonably priced roof cleaning, roof moss removal, professional roof soft wash treatments (see below) and roof tile cleaning with prices starting from £250.

Our roof cleaning service removes moss from roofs manually using specialist scraping tools attached to long reach extension poles. This method avoids the mess and likelihood of damage to your roof tiles caused by jet washing.

After clearing moss from your roof we apply a highly effective biocide / anti fungicide, developed for professional use only, to prevent the regrowth of moss and other biological spores like lichen, mould and mildew for at least 12 months.

Our service also includes gutter cleaning and removal of all moss and other debris.

Roof Cleaning Cost in Kent in 2020

TERRACE – £300

SEMI DETACHED – £450-£500

4/5 BED DETACHED – £600-£700

Above are prices for manual moss removal, soft wash and application of biocide / anti fungicide


+ No VAT charges

“best value for money roof cleaners in Kent AND London”

See further down page or click this link to consumer website Job Prices for more info on average costs to have your roof cleaned in 2018, with prices ranging from £600 (terrace) to £1400 (detached).

Removing Moss From Roof Tiles

  • Moss, algae and lichens are unsightly and detrimental to the aesthetic kerb appeal of your home and its overall appearance. Furthermore, loose moss falling from the roof is a major cause of guttering and downpipe blockages which can result in additional maintenance problems.
  • The cleanest, most effective, safest and best way to remove moss from roofs is by manual scraping. We do not jet wash roofs as this is not only very likely to damage or dislodge roof tiles, it is also extremely messy spraying dirt and moss all over your driveway and garden as well as your neighbours property.
  • Leading UK tile manufacturers such as Marley Eternet and Forticrete specifically warn against pressure washing roof tiles as it is likely to affect their lifespan and void any guarantees. Marley’s maintenance page states: The use of high powered pressure washes is NOT recommended as it can damage the surface of the slate or tile, thus reducing its life considerably.”
  • However, for a more comprehensive cleaning of ingrained dirt and algae we do offer competitively priced softwashing in Kent and south London (see below).

How we clean moss from roofs

  • After first covering all downpipes to prevent blockages we will either access the roof using roof ladders or use telescopic equipment specially adapted for manual roof tile cleaning. If the roof is not too steep and the tiles are suitably robust we will use roof ladders, but if steepness or delicate,fragile tiles are an issue we will opt for telescopic equipment which is the preferred choice.
  • All ground floor areas will be protected by tarpaulin throughout the cleaning process.

Moss Prevention with Environmentally Friendly Roof Treatment

On completion of the work all gutters will be completely cleared and the roof sprayed with a high strength moss inhibiting biocide for long lasting protection against regrowth. Benz Bio Cleanze is biodegradeable and approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

Job Prices is a free independent website which surveys companies and consumers to ascertain average prices for household, building and maintenance work.

As you can see in the screenshot below detailing up to date costs for manual roof moss removal, we are between £300 and £400 cheaper than average. This is for removing roof moss plus anti fungicide / biocide treatment ONLY. These prices do NOT include softwashing.

Price guide for roof moss removal by hand 2018


Gleam Team Roof Moss Cleaning Prices are…

Up to 50% CHEAPER plus Additional £150 off Special Offer during February 2020 ONLY

After cleaning & moss removal


Roof soft washing is the best and most effective method of safely giving roofs a thorough, deep cleaning. It avoids the mess and risk of damage that comes with jet washing, but gently and powerfully removes ingrained dirt, algae, mould, lichens, other organic matter and staining caused by pollution.

Significant amounts of roof moss must first be removed manually as already described on this page

What Does Soft Washing Involve?

  • Two stage process with application of a specialist sodium hypochlorite based cleaning product – Blackwashapproved by the UK Health and Safety Executive.
    Followed by a long lasting biocidal wash providing ongoing fungicidal protection
  • When used properly at the correct dilution rates these chemicals are safe for people,pets and the environment.
  • STAGE 1: chemical product mixed with water is pumped through a telescopic water fed pole and gently brushed into roof surface.
  • Product left for 30 to 60 minutes to soak in and take effect,kill organic materials and remove contaminants.
  • Roof is then thoroughly rinsed. Heavily stained roofs may require a 2nd application followed by another rinsing.
  • STAGE 2: different chemical biocide is applied and brushed in
  • It is not rinsed and has an ongoing cleaning effect meaning the roof will become even cleaner over the next month or two.
  • It will kill any new spores landing on the roof and prevent re-growth of organic material for 1 – 2 years.

The uniquely powerful formulas of the specialist biocide products make soft washing the ideal way to safely clean and restore your roof to its original colour. Furthermore,it continues working and protecting the roof against re-growth for several years and retaining the new,attractive look of your home.

Gleam Team only used specialist chemicals designed and government approved for exterior building cleaning.

Beware of contractors using their own mixtures of industrial strength sodium hypochlorite approved only for use for purposes such as swimming pool cleaning and farm sanitisation . Not only is it illegal to use them for any reason other than their approved purpose,but they can also cause serious damage to your property,pets and plant life.

Soft Wash Prices

Prices inevitably vary according to the surface area of the roof and the severity of soiling and contamination. Both factors determine the actual amount of chemicals required and therefore the overall cost. However,you can be assured that we offer the most reasonable,competitively priced soft washing services in Kent and London and are always happy to provide free no obligation quotes.

Our moss removal + roof soft washing + moss inhibiting biocide prices start from only £300


Ours is the best value for money roof cleaning service available in Maidstone, Kent & London – & carried out by experienced, professional roof cleaners

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