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Professional Deck Cleaning, Stripping Old Treatments, Re-Oiling, Staining & Algae Removal and Restoration in Kent. Fence Cleaning & Maintenance Services


Maidstone Decking Cleaning Services – We can clean, strip back, restore and apply decking stain or oil to transform your wooden deck and make it look like new. Gleam Team Exterior Cleaning Services provide professional decking maintenance at unbeatable prices throughout Kent

Gleam Team Cleaning Services based in Maidstone have the experience, the tools and the know-how to restore your decking to its former glory and give it a new lease of life!

We can wash away the dirt, grime, algae & moss to reveal the timber below – then we use quality decking stain or oil to restore colour to the deck, nourish the wood, enhance the appearance and protect it against future weathering. We can also wash and stain timber fencing!

Our decking cleaning and restoration is available in Maidstone and throughout Kent including Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester, Medway, Gravesend, Sittiingbourne, Sheerness, Ashford, Canterbury, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and surrounding areas.

Stripping Wooden Decking Back To Bare Wood

Decks that have previously been treated with a stain, paint or oil should have this removed before re-applying a fresh coat. This ensures it can be properly absorbed into the wood and it provides a new waterproof coating.

It is possible to remove multiple layers of old stain and oil and restore the natural look of bare wood. To do this safely and to avoid using excesive high pressure jet washing that could damage the wood, we use a combination of deck strippers and electric sanders.


We also provide deck cleaning and maintenance services in London.

For more information on decking treatment, deck cleaners and deck maintenance this article from B&Q explains how best to maintain your wooden deck.

We have more informational posts on our blog and detailed information on decking treatments.

Gleam Team are exterior cleaning specialists based in Maidstone. We offer a complete range of residential and commercial cleaning services for homes and businesses. Combining high power pressure washing and low pressure soft wash we have a cleaning solution for all outdoor areas and exteror hard surfaces available throughout Kent and London. We are able to clean building exteriors , walls , brickwork , roofs , cladding, render, driveways and patios and more.

We are also able to clean and restore wooden fencing and apply stain and paint treatments.

Composite decking cleaning Kent

Composite decks are a mixture of wood fibres and plastic and are water resistant and lower mantenance than wood decks. However, composite decking still needs to be cleaned and maintained and they are susceptible to mildew, mould and algae staining. And just like any deck it can also get dirty and pick up stains from food and drink spillages, grease, pollution etc.

Our professional composite decking cleaning service in Kent includes treating your deck with a specialist composite decking cleaner designed to clean and restore your deck. We use only the best composite decking cleaners made by brands such as Owatrol, Roxil and HLS.

Composite deck cleaning in Kent by Maidstone Gleam Team removes dirt and staining and also kills and removes black and green algae, moss and black lichen spots.

We also clean the decking using products that provide longterm protection against algae spores meaning your deck stays cleaner for longer.

Fence cleaning & staining Kent

Our professional fencing cleanng services are able to remove algae and restore the wood in preparation for a protective treatment.

Well maintained wooden fences not only look good, but they also have a much longer lifespan remaining effective for years to come. Fence stain and paint provide essential protection against the effects of rain, weathering and UV sunlight. Unprotected wood fades and turns grey and is prone to rot, splits and cracks.

It is also likely to soon start turning green from algae colonisation. Fence staining or painting gives the essential waterproof coating that wooden fencing needs.

Cleaning and removing green algae from wood fences

We gently pressure wash fencing before spraying with a biocide to kill and remove algae staining. If required, once it has dried, it can then be treated with a fence stain or paint. If algae is not removed first it will soon start to show on any treated wood.

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