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We are one of the leading driveway cleaners in Maidstone and you can be assured of the highest standards of professional patio and driveway cleaning for all types of paving including BLOCK PAVING , INDIAN SANDSTONE , PATTERN IMPRINTED CONCRETE , STAMPED or DECORATIVE CONCRETE , LIMESTONE , YORK STONE , TARMAC & CONCRETE. …FROM ONLY £2 per sq metre!

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We ARE the best value for money professional patio cleaning and driveway cleaning company in Maidstone – NEVER Beaten On Price & Service – GUARANTEED!

Gleam Team Cleaning Services are professional block paving, driveway and patio cleaners providing affordable jet washing and pressure cleaning services with optional sealing for added protection.

We also repair sunken and uneven block paving and regrout loose, crumbling or missing paving and patio mortar joints.

Our pressure cleaning services are available throughout Kent including Maidstone , Sittingbourne, Medway, Gravesend and Dartford , Tonbridge and Sevenoaks , Ashford and Canterbury and also south London and east London.

Recent examples of Gleam Team driveway and patio cleaning in Maidstone and Kent area, including block paving cleaning, resanding & sealing and Indian Sandstone restoration

We provide exterior cleaning solutions and have a great deal of experience in providing high quality power washing services for residential customers cleaning driveways, patios, paths and block paving, as well as commercial exterior  cleaning services and maintainance of car parks, private roads and industrial units.

Patio and Driveway Cleaning and Stain Removal Maidstone

We clean and remove paint and oil stains, black and white lichen, moss and algae and much more.We can also apply a specialist biocidal wash which continues killing all biological spores preventing the regrowth of moss, mildew, red, green and black algae and mould for 12 months.

We are the ‘Preferred Contractor’ for one of the largest Property Management Companies in London.

Our success is based on 2 simple principles: delivering the very highest standards of service at the very best possible prices.

So you can rest assured that if Gleam Team are cleaning your driveway,patio or block paving it couldn’t be in better hands.


Driveway and Patio Sealer

There are many kinds of paving sealants suitable for all building materials including wet look sealers,concrete sealer,imprinted concrete,block paving and Indian Sandstone sealer and colour enhancer.

Driveway and patio paving sealants can vary greatly in quality but the best sealers can:

  • enhance colour and appearance
  • dry clear or add a gloss or wet look effect
  • help prevent weeds
  • protect against staining including oil stains, red wine, orange juice and berries
  • protect against fading from UV sunlight
  • stabilise block paving jointing sand
  • prevent the ingress of water
  • prolong the life of the structure



Block paving drive & paths before & after -clean,re-sand & sealing by Gleam Team

Our Patio and Drive Clean Expertise

As well as cleaning driveways and patios in Maidstone ,we actually understand the building materials used – because they can’t all be treated the same. We know what cleaning products are suitable for every surface and the appropriate and best sealants to use.
For example,did you know that many off the shelf patio cleaners contain hydrochloric acid which actually dissolves limestone?
Hydrochloric and Muriatic acids are commonplace in patio and driveway cleaning products and they can cause damage to Indian Sandstone and York Stone and turn them orange.
Acids can also badly affect coloured concrete slabs because the dyes used in the concrete reacts with acid and alters the colouring of the slab.
Anyone can pick up a jet wash but we are Maidstone’s  professional patio cleaners and have the knowledge and expertise to look after and safeguard your paving.

Black Limestone

Limestone is a beautiful stone and our limestone cleaning and sealing can transform it into very desirable and classy looking black limestone. I don’t want to give away our secrets but our professional service can give you the garden patio or terrace your friends will envy and it’s more affordable than you might think. Contact us for a free quote.


Patio Regrouting

In addition to patio cleaning and sealing we can also repair loose, crumbling and missing mortar joints.


Indian Sandstone patio cleaned, regrouted and sealed by Gleam Team

Block Paving Repairs – Loose and Sunken Blocks

As paving ages and loses its jointing sand it is quite common for blocks to become loose or for them to sink and create dips. This is brought about from water getting through to the bedding sand and waterlogging it.
We remove blocks and the existing bedding sand and replace it with fresh sand. It is then compacted and leveled at the appropriate height and the blocks put back into position ensuring a flat,even finish.


Prices for pressure cleaning PATIOS , DRIVEWAYS & BLOCK PAVING in MAIDSTONE:

from £2 – £5 per sq metre for first 50 sq metres


£6 per square metre

– includes cost of kiln dried paving sand and Resiblock Trade Sealant

You won’t get a better price from any professional driveway cleaners in Kent!

Resiblock Trade Paving Sealer dries clear and does not affect the appearance of paving.If  colour enhancement is required with Matt or Gloss finish that’s no problem and we can discuss this if required.



Over time,and with constant exposure to the elements,outdoor surfaces suffer from the effects of weathering and attract weeds,grasses,algae,moss and lichens which ruin its appearance.

Our professional exterior cleaning services , including patio cleaning and driveway cleaning services in the Maidstone and Medway area, can remove these using heavy duty,high powered petrol pressure washing equipment.

Oil Stain Removal

With the correct treatment and cleaning products it is usually possible to remove oil stains from concrete, tarmac, patio paving,blocks and slabs. Good quality sealants can also protect against future oil staining.

Lichen Removal

Lichens,which are black or creamy white spots are almost impossible to remove through pressure washing alone. They are symbionts which are 2 different organisms living together  and absorb themselves into the stone surface. If an area has been colonised by lichens it will be necessary to first treat the area with a safe but highly effective cleaning product developed for professional use only.

Lightning Cleanze Biocide is the only product of its type approved by the Health and Safety Executive. Unlike many acid based patio cleaners it can safely be applied without causing damage to your driveway, block paving, patio paving or any exterior hard surface, and is biodegradeable and safe for children, pets, plants and wildlife.

The area will also be treated with weed killer after pressure washing to ensure ALL weeds and roots underneath the paving are killed off.

If you want to know more about Lichens this Wikipedia entry will tell you all there is to know.

Block Paving

Block Paving Jointing Sand –Block paving needs kiln dried sand brushed into the joints to assist in interlocking the blocks and providing friction between them which allows the weight of traffic to be spread evenly across the surface without causing damage. It also maintains the integrity of the paving structure keeping it rigid and held firmly in place.

It is swept into the joints between blocks after cleaning once the surface has been allowed to thoroughly dry. Sealant then holds (stabilizes) the sand in place and waterproofs it preventing the ingress of water. Without this protection over time the sand bed the block paving is laid on can become waterlogged causing the paving to sink or loosen the blocks.

Types of Block Paving Sand – Kiln dried sand is heated at very high temperatures to remove all its moisture and this gives it its attractive light colour. It is extremely fine and this means it flows easily into joints. As well as traditional kiln dried block paving sand there are also weed inhibiting alternatives that do not require paving sealant to hold them in place , but are considerably more expensive. These include a polymeric flexible joint fix which is simply swept into the joints and sprayed with water creating an elasticated jointing material. We are happy to discuss these options with you and can work out the additional costs involved.

Block Paving Sealer & Patio Sealer- Paving sealant acts as a long term barrier against future weed growth and the reappearance of lichens,moss,algae etc. They can also protect against and prevent staining from engine oil leaks and other substances,and seal in jointing sand to prevent it being eroded by wind and rain.

Block Paving and Patio Sealer can also be used to enhance the colour and appearance of your driveway,patio paving or other garden paving depending on your choice of finish. They include clear (invisible) , matt and gloss for a wet look finish.

For more detailed information on the types of sealants available for paving and natural stone go to

We use only the very best products and therefore protect your surfaces with the best block paving sealer and industry leader – Resiblock sealants


Before & After -Block paving patio cleaned,re-sanded & sealed



Pressure washer cleaning only =

from £2 per sq metre


Cleaning + Sanding + Sealing with Resiblock Trade paving sealer =

£6 per square metre (including paving sand & sealant)


Gleam Team provide the best value for money,professional drive clean, patio and block paving cleaning and sealing service in Maidstone and Medway and across Kent and south London.

(minimum charge of £50 applies) is an independent website providing the most comprehensive guide to the costs of construction,cleaning and repair services in and around the home and garden.

In October 2016 they conducted a survey of companies large and small who provide driveway cleaning and sealing services. They asked for a quote for pressure washer cleaning of a 40 sq metre driveway followed by the addition of block paving sand and block paving sealer. The average cost in the south and south east of England was £326 and even more if a bigger company was doing the work because of their increased staff costs and overheads plus VAT.


(i.e. £6 x 40 = £240)


How Long Will It Take To Clean, Resand & Seal My Drive?

Assuming the paving is in a typically dirty condition with weeds growing freely between joints and has been colonised by lichens and moss, cleaning involves the following steps:

  1. Application of cleaning product for moss and lichen removal followed by manual cleaning with a long handled patio weed brush made with steel bristles to remove majority of moss and weeds prior to cleaning. Although more labour intensive this is an effective method of weed removal and cuts down on mess caused by pressure washing.
  2. Pressure washing using petrol powered professional pressure washer. Followed by rinsing off of dirty water to ensure area is thoroughly clean.
  4. Apply industrial strength concentrated Glyphosate weedkiller for professional use as an additional safeguard.
  5. Once surface is completely dry, sweep with stiff brush and go over entire surface with leaf blower to guarantee removal of all surface debris. Brush in kiln dried block paving sand to fill joints and then apply paving sealant.

Therefore, weather permitting, it is usually a 1-2 day process with the cleaning taking place one day and the re-sanding and sealing the same day or day after.

RESIBLOCK: They are Europe’s leading specialist in the manufacture of sealants for block paving,Indian sandstone,natural stone etc and their products are used across the world in places such as Disneyland,airport aprons,Waterloo Station and Manchester United Football Stadium.

We are a  Resiblock APPROVED CONTRACTOR listed on their website,  and Gleam Team  have a proven track record in pressure washing cleaning and sealing services.

APPROVED CONTRACTOR status is NOT something that can be bought, nor does it involve membership fees or any other payment to Resiblock – none whatsoever. It is awarded free of charge solely at the discretion of Resiblock.

This also entitles us to significant contractor discounts unavailable to the public on the best block paving sealer and ALL Resiblock products and these savings we pass on directly to our customers.

Our driveway and patio cleaning service is also available in Tonbridge,Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester, Gravesend, Dartford, Swanley, Sittingbourne, Ashford, Canterbury and surrounding areas in Kent. If you would like to find out more about our pressure washing services in Kent or south and east London, or our decking cleaning and staining , window cleaning,gutter cleaning ,roof cleaning and roof moss removal or ground maintenance and turf laying services then simply give us a call on 0800 999 5363 / 07581 681994 or email us via our contact form for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.






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