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Driveway Cleaning & Patio Cleaning in Medway

Professional and Affordable Driveway, Patio & Block Paving Cleaning and Sealing Services in Chatham, Gillingham, Strood, Rochester, Rainham and throughout the Medway area

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We are the best value for money driveway and patio cleaners in Medway

We provide professional driveway and patio cleaning services in the Medway Towns and surrounding areas. We specialise in block paving cleaning, re-sanding and sealing and pressure washing all types of paving including :

  • Indian Sandstone
  • other natural stone – limestone, York stone, granite & slate
  • brick and block pavers
  • resin bound
  • concrete slabs
  • tarmac
  • pattern imprinted concrete

Oil stain removal from driveways and patios

We are able to clean and remove most types of dirt and staining such as oil stains, petrol spillages, brake fluid leaks, paint and chewing gum.

The owner of this Indian Sandstone patio in Gillingham thought it was ruined after a severe oil leak from a car. Our patio cleaning service was able to completely remove the oil stain and make it look like new again. It’s not possible to guarantee 100% removal of a stain because each case is different. But we can guarantee removing the majority of the oil and making your drive or patio look much, much better.

Some of the things that determine how bad an oil stain is are whether the oil was fresh or old, contaminated engine oil, how long has the stain been there and how ingrained and absorbed it is. However, with a combination of the best products and know-how we are usually able to completely remove oil stains from most types of paving.

Removing black spots from paving

Is your driveway or patio colonised by black spots? These are a species of lichen common in the UK and lichen are a combination of algae and fungi that actually take root into paving. This is why they are so difficult to remove and they can withstand even the most powerful commercial pressure washers. However, our patio and driveway cleaning service in Medway kills and removes lichen, algae, mildew, moss and weeds. In the UK lichens are typically black, off-white or yellow circular spots. This livescience article provides more information about lichens.

Our patio cleaning and black spot removal is able to clean and remove even heavy infestation of algae and lichen. As can be seen in these photos of a sandstone patio in Chatham which we have restored to its natural colours. Our pressure washing service transformed this garden into a beautiful, vibrant space for the family to enjoy.

Long lasting protection against black spots & algae

On porous surfaces like block paving and stone some biological spores penetrate the surface and are absorbed below it. Jet washing alone only cleans the surface meaning lichen and algae will soon re-appear and re-colonise the surface making it look dirty again. However, the cleaning products we use are designed to also be partially absorbed so they kill spores below the surface for a deeper, longer lasting clean that will keep your driveway or patio cleaner for much longer.

Patio Cleaning and Sealing Services in Chatham, Gillngham, Rochester, Strood and surrounding areas

After cleaning your patio and restoring it we also offer an optional patio sealing service suitable for all types of paving including sandstone, block and brick pavers and concrete slabs. Sealer provides a protective barrier that :

  • inhibits weed growth
  • contains a poweful fungicide to stop algae and black spots
  • prevent water penetration
  • resist staining from food, drink and BBQ’s
  • prevent oil staining
  • protects against fading caused by sunlight
  • maintains appearance

Paving sealers come in a range of finishes to suit individual tastes. Many products are clear / invisible which means they have no effect on the appearance of patios or driveways. But if preferred there are also wet look or gloss finishes to leave a shiny finish.

Colour enhancers are another sealing option for natural stone. ‘Enhancer’ is perhaps a little misleading because their general effect is to darken the stone.

Does stone paving need sealing?

The answer is it depends on the stone and what you hope to achieve by sealing it.

SANDSTONE is naturally a very porous stone and is susceptible to staining. If you plan to use your patio for entertaining and it is likely to have food or drink spilt on it then these stains can be absorbed into the stone and be difficult, if not impossible to remove. Sealing sandstone will help resist staining and also stop natural fading caused by sunlight.

SLATE is a strong stone that naturally maintains its appearance well and can withstand sunlight and weathering. However, to maintain its natural glossy look it does require sealing and would benefit from treatment with a colour enhancer.

LIMESTONE – limestone is a calcium based stone and more prone to fading caused by sunlight and weathering. All colours of limestone will start to fade quite quickly if left untreated. This is especially true of black limestone which starts to lose its colour within a few months of exposure to UV light. Gleam Team’s patio cleaning and sealing services in Medway can restore black limestone back to a fresh looking stone. It should be noted that black limestone will need ongoing maintenance and sealing every few years.

Black limestone cleaning and sealing

GRANITE is one of the hardest natural stones and does not generally need sealing to maintain its appearance.

We are only too happy to discuss these options with you and the varying costs involved.

Our patio cleaning and driveway cleaning services are available throughout the Medway Towns including

  • Strood
  • Rochester
  • Chatham
  • Gillingham
  • Rainham
  • Frindsbury
  • Cuxton
  • Hoo
  • Cliffe
  • Grain
  • Walderslade
  • Luton
  • Hempstead
  • Hempstead Valley
  • Wigmore

The choice of whether or not to apply a sealer is a decision for the customer alone and not something we try and push in any way whatsover,except in the case of block paving stabilisation (please see below) as it is necessary to maintain the paving strength. In this case it would be negligent not to do so.

Before and after application of gloss sealer

Block Paving Cleaning and Sealing Prices in Medway

We provide the best value for money block paving cleaning, re-sanding and sealing service in Medway, Maidstone, Kent and south east London. We clean paving to the highest standard, re-fill the joints with kiln dried sand and seal with a clear finish that does not affect or alter the colour of your block paving.

Block pavers before and after

How much does driveway cleaning cost ?

to clean block paving,re-sand joints & apply sealer –

only £7 per square metre up to 50sqm – larger areas receive further discounted rate

It is essential to re-fill the joints after cleaning block paving because the sand is an integral part of the construction. It creates friction between the blocks and spreads the weight of vehicles parked on it or driving over it. Without this friction the weight is concentrated on to individual blocks which they are not strong enough to withstand. This either breaks the blocks or loosens them and in turn adjoining blocks also work loose and this knock on effect continues across the paving. If not corrected it can lead to a new driveway having to be laid at great expense.

Driveway sealing

After re-sanding the sand must then be sealed,or stabilised (hardened) in some way,in order to stop it being washed away the next time it rains. This means using a specialist stabilising sand which are expensive or paving sealer. The advantage of a sealer is the extra protection provided across the whole surface as it acts as as a protective barrier against staining and weeds.

Exterior cleaning services in Kent and London

Maidstone Gleam Team provide a comprehensive range of professional exterior services for all outdoor areas and hard surfaces. We use a combination of high power pressure washing and low pressure soft washing meaning we have a suitable method of cleaning all external areas of your home, building, garden and commercial yards. Our exterior services are available throughout Kent and the south east and include :

Patio cleaning, reponting & renovation

If you would like more information on our block paving, patio or driveway cleaning services in Medway please email via Contact Us or call 07581 681994.