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Professional Wall Cleaning, Brickwork Cleaning & Efflorescence Removal Services in Kent, London and South East

Exterior house washing services

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We provide low pressure wall cleaning, brick cleaning and exterior building and house washing services in Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex and across the south east. We also offer after builders cleaning and efflorescence removal.

We are able to clean up new builds after the builders have finished their work and can remove :

  • cement and mortar stains
  • white salts from efflorescence

We use professional cleaning products for the safe and effective removal of:

  • green algae
  • black algae
  • red algae
  • dirt
  • pollution
  • lichen
  • mildew
  • mould
  • graffiti

Brick cleaning in Kent & South East

We offer professional and effective cleaning of brickwork and walls and freshen up after the building work to remove mortar and efflorescence. It is commonplace to see newly built homes and buildings with damage to the brick faces caused by sloppy attempts to clean away mortar and cement left by the builders and bricklayers. This is a result of harsh brick cleaning methods and is unnecessary. In extreme cases it can affect the look and appeal of a new build.

We can safely remove mortar and cement staining as part of our after builders cleaning service. We use the most appropriate chemicals and then gently by hand can scrape away dried on mortar attached to brickwork. These are often referred to as mortar snots.

Our brick cleaning service in Kent can also clean cement dust, dirt and other staining.

Our exterior building and facade cleaning is suitable for all external walls and cladding. Surfaces we can clean include:

  • K rend
  • Weber Render
  • coloured render
  • monocouche
  • painted surfaces
  • masonry
  • brick walls
  • stucco
  • vinyl siding
  • UPVC
  • cladding

Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence is the white salt deposits and staining often seen on brick and other porous building materials such as driveway and patio paving. It is a powder-like crystalline deposit of salts left on the surface of bricks when water evaporates. These salts are water soluble meaning they disappear when wet but appear again as the brick dries and they move through the brick to the surface.

How to remove efflorescence from brick

One method often used for cleaning white salts from bricwork is pressure washing. However, this is NOT a method we use as it is only likely to exascerbate the problem if high pressure water penetrates the bricks or mortar.

We do not generally advocate jet washing brickwork in any circumstances as it can damage the brick and brick face or dislodge mortar. If the face of the brick is damaged it can expose the more porous inner brick which can soak up rain water and lead to problems with damp and water freezing during the water. When water freezes it expands by about 9% in volume and if water is trapped within the brick this can cause cracks and structural damage.

Furthermore, when it is the presence of water that activates the soluble salts it is not going to solve the problem if brickwork is saturated with even more water.

Gleam Team combine specialist efflorescence removing products and our know-how and experience to remove white salts using other methods. They can be more time consuming but are safe and highly effective. We will also attempt to identify any possible sources of water penetration that may have caused the problem and remedy this if possible.

Efflorescence does not pose any structural problems to a house wall but does affect the aesthetic appeal, particularly on new builds.

Soft wash wall cleaning in Kent

We clean walls in Kent using low pressure softwashing methods to avoid the risk of damage to your property using high powered jet washers. These can damage walls and mortar, and low pressure application of chemicals is safe and highly effective.

We use only specialist wall cleaning products developed for professional use. They are approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive and fully biodegradeable. We are suitably trained in their use and use all chemicals in accordance with COSHH – Care of Substances Hazardous To Health as well as conducting a Risk Assessment before starting any job.

For commercial wall and building cleaning we can also provide Method Statements and the products used come with their own SDS – Safety Data Sheet.

Removing algae and black staining from brick

Do you have exterior brickwork or brick walls heavily stained with black algae? We can remove this staining and prevent it from re-appearing by killing the spores that have been absorbed into porous brick.

Areas our wall cleaning service is available

Gleam Team are based in Maidstone and our external house cleaning, building facade and wall cleaning is available throughout Kent including in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Gravesend, Dartford, Bexleyheath and surrounding areas.

We also cover areas across the south east such as London, Surrey, Sussex and Essex.

We were recently hired to complete extensive exterior chouse cleaning on a large property in Berkshire.


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Other services available in Kent and London include driveway and patio cleaning, pressure washing and roof cleaning.