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Gleam Team are the only FULLY INSURED,professional and experienced window cleaners in Maidstone and surrounding areas using both traditional window cleaning methods, together with the most up-to-date water fed pole systems using purified water. This ensures:
  • the most thorough and effective cleaning options
  • longer reach and higher access using telescopic water fed poles
  • inside windows can be cleaned using traditional methods

Please click this link to my blog post for further information on traditional methods

We always clean the window frames, sills and doors, at no extra cost to our customers and are committed to being the best value for money window cleaners in Maidstone – delivering quality service at reasonable prices every time!

Our residential window cleaning service in Maidstone also includes conservatory and conservatory roof cleaning. We clean homes of all sizes from flats and terraced houses to large detached properties.We also undertake regular window cleaning at apartment blocks, showrooms, pubs, shops, nursing homes, offices and more every month, and have full public liability insurance cover for your peace of mind and protection.

Gleam Team Clean Windows Inside and Out

We are one of the few window cleaning companies who are able to clean interior windows as well as the exterior. Unlike many others we do not charge a higher rate for insides and you will pay no more for the interior windows than you do for the exterior.

Traditional Window Cleaning Vs Waterfed Pole System

Waterfed Pole:

This brief Youtube video demonstrates window cleaning with a waterfed pole

WFP is the fairly recent innovation of pure water technology combined with the waterfed pole system (wfp). This method uses purified water pumped from a tank up a pole on to the window glass and then scrubbed with a soft bristle brush. If the water is of a high enough purity it should in theory dry without smears or streaks. No cleaning products are used and it is operated from the ground without ladders. The purification process deionises the water and removes minerals from the water.

Traditional Window Cleaning:

A specially formulated,environmentally friendly cleaning solution is mixed with water and applied using a microfibre cleaning sleeve attached to a hand held ‘T’ shaped bar. The window,frames and sills are then cleaned by hand and any particularly stubborn marks can be removed using a professional glass scraper with metal blade. A squeegee fitted with a specially made rubber blade is then used to wipe over the window removing the dirty water,in the same way a windscreen wiper works on a car. Any spots of water or little streaks are wiped up with a microfibre cloth and the glass polished off for extra shine.

The frames and sills are also cleaned and everything is left completely dry. First and second floor windows are reached using ladders, or sometimes if access is difficult an extension pole with the T-bar and squeegee attached to the end. This video by Unger,who make high quality professional window cleaning equipment,shows how traditional window cleaners work.

Gleam Team’s Average Window Cleaning Prices in Maidstone

These prices are for a regular customer who has an ongoing window cleaning service at the frequency of THEIR choice.Typically this is every 4 , 6 , or 8 weeks – YOU choose

TERRACE- Front & Back – £10 – £12 Front Only – £5-£6

SEMI – Front & Back – £12 – £15 Front Only – £6 – £8

DETACHEDFront & Back – from £15 Front Only – from £8

FLATS – from £7

Inside windows are cleaned at the same rates as the outsides.

We do NOT charge double the normal rate as some companies do.

One-off cleans may be charged at a higher rate.

If you would like to find out more about how to clean windows yourself and choosing the best methods,then please click this free link to wikiHow for more information, advice and window cleaning tips.

Areas we cover include Maidstone,Bearsted,Peneden Heath,Loose,Barming,East and West Malling,Kings Hill,Larkfield,Ditton and more.

For more info about window cleaning or any of our exterior cleaning services including gutter cleaning and driveway and patio pressure washing , or our grounds maintenance ,give us a call on 07581 681994 or email us using our Contact Us form.