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We hold industry recognised,professional horticultural qualifications. So whatever your garden needs and whether large or small, we offer affordable, professional turf laying and lawn care services to restore your lawn and garden to its natural beauty.

We will help you select the most appropriate type of turf for your particular requirements,supply the turf and lay it for you.


Gleam Team Re-Turfing


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Gleam Team provide the best value for money,professional turf laying and after care services in Maidstone.

We don’t just take your money and run. We will return approximately 7 to 10 days after laying the turf to check that it is beginning to properly take root and in the event of any problems we will deal with them.

For example, if you have children or pets that have been playing on the new grass and separated the edges, we will make sure they are put back in place and in contact with the soil to promote healthy growth and ensure you have the beautiful new lush lawn you paid for.

And if you want us to we will come back again until the new turf has fully taken root.


In principle turf can be laid at any time of the year because unlike other plants grass grows all year round,although much slower during winter. The only caveat to that is if the soil is covered in snow or frost. But apart from those exceptions , as long as the ground is properly prepared and the new turf continues to receive sufficient water then anytime is suitable for laying turf.


There are many different types of turf grown with a variety of seeds and it is important to select grass appropriate to the conditions and suitable for your intended use of the garden. For example,if you have pets and young children who will be playing and running around you will need a hardwearing turf. However,if you are seeking purely aesthetic appeal you may choose a fine,ornamental lawn that will not be subject to heavy use.

Other types of grass turf are able to grow in the shade or drought reistant,low maintenance and so on. We will help and advise you in making the right choice at the right price.


Patchy garden lawn

Our other services include:


After laying new lawn

LAWN CLEARANCE & RENOVATION: For gardens that have been neglected for some time and badly overgrown.

LAYING TURF: Do you want instant results with a beautiful new lawn? We will do all the necessary ground preparation and then supply and professionally lay the turf of your choice for fantastic results.

TREE FELLING & STUMP REMOVAL: If the tree is on your own private land and not subject to a Tree Preservation Order we can legally fell upto 5 cubic metres in any calendar quarter (Jan – Mar,April – June etc). 5 cubic metres is roughly equivalent to one large oak tree. We can cut your tree down and if required also remove the stump.

LAWN AERATION,FEED & FERTILISER: Provide the essential nutrients to promote healthy growth and attractive green colour.

WEED CONTROL: Keeping your grass and flower beds looking their best and free from unsightly and harmful weeds.


 Read this Royal Horticultural Society article for spring lawn care tips

Please call 07581 681994 or use the Contact Us form for further information on our lawn care and turf laying services, exterior commercial cleaning and grounds maintenance ,decking care or exterior cleaning services. Gleam Team are the leading outdoor cleaning specialists in Maidstone for all hard surfaces including roofs , buildings , walls , patios and drives and much more.

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