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Facade cleaning services including render, cladding, stucco, masonry, brickwork, painted surfaces and stone cleaning

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We provide a range of exterior cleaning solutions for all outdoor areas including external building and house cleaning and facade cleaning in London and the south east. Surfaces we can clean include:

  • render
  • stucco
  • masonry
  • brickwork
  • stone

Buildings become stained and dirty due to a number of reasons and local factors such as traffic pollution, prescence of industrialised areas and local traffic density. They can all cause blackening of house and building exteriors and affect its visual appeal.

House facade’s can also be colonised by:

  • green, black and red algae
  • mildew
  • mould
  • moss
  • other spores and biological growths

These are not only unsightly but can also damage soft stucco, render and painted surfaces.

Our facade cleaning in London not only cleans and remove these organisms but also kills them and provides residual protection for at least 12 months.

Specialist biocide approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive continues killing any biological spores that come into contact with it for a minimum of a year after application and has an ongoing cleansing effect, keeping your house or building cleaner for longer.

Safer cleaning for your home and the environment

Bio Cleanze is a powerful product for professional use but is also fully biodegradable and does not bio-accumulate.

It also contains NO BLEACH or ACIDS and is Ph Neutral.

It is safe for all known building materials.

It prevents the growth of lichen, algae, mould and fungi long after your house facade has been cleaned and leaves no streaking when applied by professional facade cleaners.

K Rend cleaning in London

Bio Cleanze is also suitable for cleaning K Rend, Weber Rend, monocouche and coloured render and is recommended by K Rend and Weber Rend.

We also clean all types of cladding including UPVC and wooden panelling and it is also endorsed by Kingspan Metal Cladding.


Stucco cleaning & facade cleaning services London


We use softwashing and low pressure methods for safe and effective facade cleaning and exterior house cleaning.

We do not pressure wash buildings as high pressure water can damage mortar, pointing, brickwork and most types of facade. For example stucco is a fine plaster used for coating walls and architectural decoration. If blasted by power washing it may strip the wall and cause extensive damage. It’s clearly not a suitable method of stucco cleaning.

We are based in Maidstone and our facade cleaning service is also available in Kent, Surrey and the south east.


Our other cleaning services available in London include roof cleaning, driveway and block paving cleaning, resanding and sealing and patio cleaning and sealing. We also specialise in black limestone and Indian Sandstone cleaning and restoration.

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