Conservatory Cleaning Medway

Conservatory Cleaning & Conservatory Roof Cleaning Medway

Professional conservatory cleaners in Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester & surrounding areas of Medway

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Gleam Team Conservatory Roof Cleaning


Gleam Team Cleaning Services provide professional conservatory cleaning and conservatory roof cleaning in Medway including Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester, Strood and surrounding areas.

Conservatory cleaning in Medway from only £50

We are the best value for money conservatory cleaners in Medway and Maidstone with prices starting at only £50 including the roof.

When we clean your conservatory it includes:

  • roof cleaning
  • decorative finials (usually running back to front through middle of roof)
  • beams
  • UPVC
  • gutters and gutter casing
  • downpipes
  • frames & ledges
  • windows

We can restore your conservatory whatever it looks like at the moment to its former glory. Our conservatory cleaning service removes unsightly staining caused by algae, mildew, dirt, moss, bird droppings and any other contaminants.

Conservatory Roof Cleaners in Chatham, Gillingham & Rochester

Whether your conservatory roof is made of glass or polycarbonate Gleam Team can get it looking like new. Polycarbonate roofs have a tendency to go green with algae and mildew but we can sort that out for you and give you a conservatory to be proud of.

Interior Conservatory Cleaning Medway

We can clean conservatories inside and out including interior conservatory roofs. With the same standards as our exterior cleaning we can clean the inside too. This includes the roof, all UPVC beams, sills and ledges and interior glass. This comprehensive interior AND exterior conservatory cleaning valet service starts at only £120 and is available throughout the Medway area and Maidstone.

Conservatories with Self Cleaning Glass

Self cleaning glass needs ample amounts of UV light and rain water to activate the self cleaning process. During dry periods or if in a shaded area or you have overhanging trees blocking light this can impair the effectiveness of the self cleaning coating and additional cleaning may be necessary.

Gleam Team are professional conservatory cleaners and know how to safely clean all types of glass. Our water fed poles and pure water cleaning systems are perfect as they are non abrasive and purified water dries to a crystal clear finish.

All cleaning products we use are safe, highly effective, non abrasive cleaners for professional use on glass and UPVC.

We are exterior cleaning specialists operating in Medway, Maidstone and throughout Kent and London and our services include driveway and patio cleaning, exterior house cleaning, building and brickwork cleaning and roof cleaning.

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