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Roof tiles before and after moss removal and soft wash

We offer FULLY INSURED, high quality and low priced roof cleaning across south London including Bexleyheath, Bexley, Sidcup, Bromley, Orpington, Welling, Mottingham, Blackheath, Catford, Belvedere and Croydon. Our roof cleaning service includes cleaning moss off roofs, low pressure roof wash, complete gutter clearance and finished with a roof treatment of long lasting, specialist biocide to prevent the regrowth of moss, lichen, algae and other staining.

We are a professional roof cleaning company with a great deal of experience in providing the safest and most effective deep cleaning of roofs and roof tiles available in London – and we’re never beaten on price!

Roof moss removal in south London

Gleam Team clear and clean moss from roof tiles manually using specially adapted tool attachments fitted to long reaching extendable poles. We then scrape the moss away to ensure the safest and most thorough roof cleaning.

We do not clean roofs using high powered jet washing due to the inherent problems that come with it, and in accordance with leading roof tile manufacturers advice.

The UK’s largest manufacturer, Marley Tiles, specifically warn against jet washing roofs, stating…

The use of high powered jet washes is not recommended as it can damage the surface of the slate or tile, thus reducing its expected life considerably.

Clicking here will take you to their website if you would like additional information.

This view is also endorsed by building products and tiles manufacturer FORTICRETE and NATIONAL FEDERATION OF ROOFING CONTRACTORS.

Furthermore, we are experienced roof cleaners and we also recognise the other pitfalls and dangers of pressure washing roofs such as:

  • likelihood of damaging or dislodging tiles
  • ingress of water into attic space
  • huge mess caused resulting in moss and dirt flying all over your property, your neighbours and nearby roads, pavements etc
  • significant extra cost to hire a cherry picker which is essential in order to direct water down the roof. If using a jet washer from gutter line or even scaffold the water would be aimed upwards and be forced under tiles into the loft. Cherry pickers typically cost approx £150 per day plus insurances and delivery which greatly adds to the overall  roof cleaning cost.

Lowest Roof Cleaning Prices in South London for 2018-2019

A recent survey was conducted by the consumer’s website It is a site designed to provide householders with accurate, up to date prices for many maintenance and building jobs around the house and garden.

Their survey for average roof cleaning prices in the UK found that basic roof moss removal whether manually or with a jet wash, followed by an anti fungicide / biocide treatment cost from:

£600 for a Terraced House upto £1400 for larger Detached House + Garage

These prices do not include VAT charged by larger companies – and many smaller roof cleaning companies – and they also do not take into account the higher cost of living and higher prices charged in London and the south east.

Compare that to Gleam Team Roof Cleaning Costs in London:

TERRACED = £300 – £350

SEMI DETACHED = £450 – £500

4/5 Bedroom DETACHED + Garage = £700 – £750


We offer the best value for money roof cleaning service in south London and we also clean roofs in Kent and now available in Surrey and Sussex.

We guarantee reasonable, affordable prices but with no compromise in quality of service or professionalism.

Roof wash & low pressure soft wash

In addition to clearing moss we also offer chemical softwashing for the ultimate in roof tile cleaning and restoration.

This involves the low pressure application of specialist cleaning products and biocides developed for professional use only.


Our products are biodegradeable and safe for your family and pets.

We are fully insured and trained in using professional biocides, conducting Risk Assessments and complying with all relevant Codes of Practice and COSHH – Care of Substances Hazardous to Health. This means we understand what products we are using, what risks are potentially associated to them, how to store and use them safely to protect the public, the operator and the environment and how to deal with accidental exposure, first aid, spillages and disposal.

We are a professional roof cleaning company in London and we know what we are doing, understand our responsibilities and take them seriously… but we also believe in delivering quality exterior cleaning services at a price people can afford.

Low pressure roof wash will dramatically improve the appearance of your roof, removing all dirt, lichen spots and other organic staining and restoring roof tiles to their original colour.

Prices for soft wash roof cleaning in south London:

Prices include manual moss removal, gutter clearance, soft wash and application of roof treatment anti fungicide

TERRACED HOUSE = £450 – £500

SEMI DETACHED = £650 – £700

4/5 Bedroom DETACHED + Garage = £900 – £1000

NO  VAT  PAYABLE – Not Applicable

Our roof cleaning services are available throughout south London, south east London and south west London.

We are exterior cleaning specialists and able to deal with all external cleaning requirements for residential and commercial cleaning services, including exterior house and building cleaning, render and facade cleaning, wall cleaning, pressure washing and block paving, driveway and patio cleaning and sealing.

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