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House rendered wall before & after softwashing

Professional Low Pressure Exterior Building Cleaning, Exterior House Cleaning and Render,Brick & Wall Cleaning in Maidstone


Safe , Gentle & Effective Soft Washing & Building Cleaning Services For Brick Walls  , K Rend , Masonry , Concrete , Painted Surfaces , Industrial Steel Cladding , Timber , Shop & Office Signage and External Hard Surfaces in Maidstone , Kent & London


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Gleam Team Cleaning Services are based in Maidstone and operate throughout Kent,London and the south east providing professional exterior cleaning services for house and building exteriors and all outdoor hard surfaces.

The method we use depends upon the surface to be cleaned and we specialise in high pressure cleaning using powerful 4000 psi commercial pressure washers and low pressure soft wash.


When pressure washing it is the power of the water that does the cleaning,but with low pressure softwashing it is the strength and effectiveness of the specialist chemical cleaning products that produces results.


We use a sodium hypochlorite based product specially designed for outdoor cleaning that has dramatic and instant results on even the toughest ingrained black staining. It also kills and removes all biological growths and spores including black and green algae , mildew , mould , moss , lichens as well as cleaning away dirt , mud , pollutants and other black staining.

It is safe to use on:

  • shop and office signage
  • rendered walls – coloured and plain
  • brick walls
  • painted walls
  • concrete
  • UPVC guttering,cladding,fascias and soffits
  • industrial steel cladding , piping and tanks
  • timber cladding,decking and fencing
  • painted surfaces
  • Indian Sandstone,limestone and other natural stone
  • paths,pavements,driveways and patios

House soft washing – before and after


Gleam Team Cleaning Services from Maidstone are a leading external cleaning specialist in Kent and London providing professional and affordable exterior cleaning  for homes and gardens and business premises. This includes pressure washing,re-sanding and sealing block paving,driveways and patios,roof cleaning and moss removal, decking cleaning and staining,window and conservatory cleaning and gutters,fascias,soffits and cladding

What Is Soft Washing?

  • It is a revolutionary new way of cleaning developed in the United States and safe for cleaning brick walls,masonry cleaning,concrete cleaning and all other building cleaning.
  • It was specifically designed as a safe alternative to high pressure power washing that is likely to damage certain external surfaces such as brick and rendered walls and roofs.
  • Soft washing is the low pressure application of specialist cleaning chemicals specifically designed for cleaning render,bricks,walls,exterior house cleaning and all outdoor areas and building surfaces. All products used are approved by the UK Government Health and Safety Executive.
  • Contains safe biocidal wash that cleans and sanitizes surfaces killing spores of algae,fungi,moss and other bacteria
  • Continues killing spores providing long term protection against re-colonisation
  • Eliminates the risk of damage associated with high powered pressure washing
  • Safe for people,pets and the environment


Soft Washing , Building Cleaning and Biocidal Wash Products

There are 2 types of chemical products,both of which are approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

One is a sodium hypochlorite based cleaning product providing instant results. The other is a cleaning and residual biocidal wash providing long term cleaning benefits that continue long after application, and ongoing protection against the re-growth of algae,lichen,fungi and moss.

They are biodegradable so safe for the environment,and once dry harmless to children and pets.

BEWARE of contractors using their own mix of industrial strength sodium hypochlorite which is made for things like cleaning swimming pools and farm buildings and not for exterior cleaning purposes. It is an extremely corrosive chemical when used incorrectly and will damage hard surfaces.

Biocide Wash

The residual power of the specialist biocidal wash means some is retained on the surface providing exceptional long term protection of up to one year!

During this time it carries on killing spores that may land on the surface and stopping the return of algae,lichen and moss. No other product can match this performance.

BENZ Biocidal wash is therefore perfect for removing mould from walls and mildew,cleaning brick,cleaning painted walls,cleaning outside of house,roofs,cladding cleaning and much more.

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Before and after rendered wall cleaning

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